Trust & Obey
Craig Evans6/6/2021
Marvel at God’s Covenants: God and Noah
David Shannon5/22/2016
Why Marriage?
David Shannon4/10/2016
Responsibly Yours – The Beginning of Responsibility
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Who Do You Believe?
Developing Character Like Joseph
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Escape For Your Life
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“In the Beginning” wasn’t far from Problems!
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Family Defined or Redefined? (part II)
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Family Defined or Redefined? (part I)
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Satan . . . Who is he?
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Finding Your Awesome Place
David Shannon8/23/2009
Philip Jenkins9/11/2016
Marvel at God's Covenants - God and Israel (part 2)
David Shannon6/5/2016
Moses: Mighty And Meek
David Shannon4/1/2012
Stand Firm and See the Salvation of the Lord
A Divine Covenant A Treasured People
David Shannon2/11/2008
Journey to the Promised Land – Theirs and Ours
Andrew Phillips2/4/2008
The Lord As Our Banner in 2004 – SERVING Under HIS Banner!
David Shannon5/23/2004
The Lord Is My Banner: Selecting Able Men
David Shannon2/1/2004
The Lord is Our Banner in 2004
David Shannon1/4/2004
Grow in Knowledge – A Call to Faithfulness
David Shannon3/2/2009
Love God – Learning and Living the Shema
David Shannon2/8/2015
Avoid Spiritual Dementia
David Shannon11/23/2014
Reviving Souls Through God’s Written Word (part II)
David Shannon10/13/2013
Reviving Souls Through God’s Written Word
David Shannon10/13/2013
Why Study the Scriptures? (Part 2)
David Shannon3/3/2008
Why Study the Scriptures?
David Shannon3/2/2008
Why Obey God? (part II)
David Shannon3/18/2007
Why Obey God? (part I)
David Shannon3/18/2007
The Church of God: The People of God
David Shannon9/10/2006
Making Godly Decisions Part 2
Craig Evans3/27/2022
Making Godly Decisions
Craig Evans3/20/2022
Marvel at God’s Covenants: Introduction
David Shannon5/22/2016
Responsibly Yours – When God says – Stop Praying and Start Doing!
David Shannon2/8/2015
Choose You This Day
David Shannon1/11/2015
More Than A Pile Of Stones
Andrew Phillips9/29/2013
Whole in the Wall
Philip Jenkins3/17/2013
A Memorial To The Children
David Shannon5/27/2012
A Holy People, Are You One?
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Fathers Who Plan to Lead
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Living Rock Solid: Memorial Stones
David Shannon5/27/2007