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Sunday Classes

Our MJ Kiddos have classes from birth to 5th grade, and our MJ Youth has classes from 6th to 12th grade.

Adults, on Sundays, are encouraged to find a class where they can find other believers they can grow alongside. Each Sunday, the adult class has a shepherd assigned who looks after that class and helps them grow spiritually. We encourage you to try several classes as you look for a good fit!

Our classes serve as the hub for spiritual friendships within the church. Classes regularly have activities outside of class, service opportunities, and look after one another.

Join us mid-week to grow together!

Wednesday Classes

Our MJ Kiddos have classes from birth to 5th grade, and our MJ Youth has classes from 6th to 12th grade.

Adults, on Wednesdays, are in intergenerational classes! We have classes of all mixed adult ages on Wednesdays to learn alongside different people than you are with on Sundays. We also have several Each quarter, Wednesday topics and teachers change.

  • General Audience | Auditorium & MJ Live
    Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark

    Teacher: Ben Dennis

    We are going to discuss who Mark was and how he powerfully views Jesus as the Son of God. The class will also look at how Mark uses Jesus’ actions in daily discourse with people to convince them of Jesus’ divinity.

  • General Audience | 203
    James: Wisdom for a Meaningful Life

    Teachers: Matt Cauthen & Bryan LeMasters

    Explore the timeless wisdom of the Book of James as we discover practical guidance for living a meaningful and godly life. James empowers its readers to understand how a follower of Jesus can work through trials, relationships, and false worldly mindsets. We will be challenged to glorify God through faith, self-control, and humility.

  • General Audience | 204
    The Human Side of Jesus

    Teacher: Tim Martin

    Studies often focus on the supernatural works, moral teachings, and theological significance of Jesus. In this series, we will look at Jesus’ life through the lens of his humanity. We will examine how Jesus lived as a real person and experienced many of the same emotions and challenges we face, learn from his example, and appreciate we have a sympathetic savior.

  • HS Grads to Mid 20s | 201
    MJ Young Adults & College

    Teachers: Various

  • MJ Women | 211
    Parables of Jesus

    Sisters Supporting Sisters

    Teachers: Lynn Dearing, Stephanie Gastley, Karri Tucker, & Dayna Suttles

    This quarter, we will examine the background and meaning of several of Jesus' parables. We will also study each parable and make applications to our daily lives.

  • MJ Women | L11
    Teach Us to Pray

    The Well

    Teachers: Kristy Coleman, Amanda Horn, Allyson LeMasters, & Travena Rogan

    This study will be designed to focus on the privilege of prayer as we examine the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. We will study the example of Jesus when he models how to pray and discuss the impacts it can have on our relationship with God when we take full advantage of the power and purpose it has in our lives.

  • MJ Men | 110
    The Kind of Men Jesus Needs in Today’s Church

    Teacher: Craig Evans

    A textual study of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus with practical application. This is a continuation of the series that started in the Spring Quarter 2023.

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Other Class Periods

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes for all ages, we have some special class periods for adults during the week.