“the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others”

Serve Others Stories

We sat down with some servants within our church family and talked to them about what it means to be a servant.

Demographic Ministries

  • MJ Kiddos


    This ministry exists to plant the truth, nurture godly relationships, and cultivate spiritual growth for children and their families. We seek to both teach and show love to our kids to help lay a strong foundation for their faith and discipleship.

    Ways to serve:

    • Teach or assist in a children’s Bible class

    • Help reach kids in our community through VBS

    • Lead or help in other large and small group children’s events

    Lauren Moss  |  lauren.moss@mtjuliet.org


    New Kids on the Block is a part of our children’s ministry built specifically for our littlest MJ Kiddos. We open up our nursery once a month for moms and their babies to come enjoy lunch and fellowship together. It’s a great way for relationships to be built and needs to be served during this transitional time in a family’s life.

    Amy Dominski  |  nkotb@mtjuliet.org


    4th-5th Grade Ministry focuses on educating and fellowshiping with our 4th-5th grade children as they mature and prepare to enter the youth group.  Emphasis is on listening to what God tells us through His Word, building our faith in Him, and applying those teachings to our everyday lives.

    Ways to serve:

    • Host a monthly devotional in your home

    • Chaperone the annual retreat in November

    • Help with the annual Christmas Caroling event

    David Harper & Daniel Horton  |  4-5@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Kiddos & MJ Youth Group


    This ministry is designed to prepare children of the congregation (K-12) for the annual Bible Bowl each fall in Cookeville, TN. This ministry provides classes and study materials to students and their families each year as they strive to learn more about God’s Word. The goal is to help our children learn and have fun at the same time.

    Ways to serve:

    • Help with practices

    • Assist with lunch on Bible Bowl day in Cookeville

    Jason Kirby  |  biblebowl@mtjuliet.org


    This program trains 2nd - 8th grade girls and boys in the various aspects of worship, leadership, and service. Introduces Christian involvement targeted to age and skill levels. Performs service projects to develop skills and knowledge in service to Christ in the Church and the community.

    Ways to serve:

    • Teach a class

    • Encourage students by attending class and providing feedback and interaction

    • Assist with service projects and events 

    Kevin Batts  |  servingchrist@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Youth Group


    The youth ministry helps students (6th-12th grade) commit, connect, grow, serve, tell, and thrive. Everything we do—from events to Bible classes to retreats—revolves around these core purposes. We want students to fall more and more deeply in love with the Lord, His Word, and His church.

    Ways to serve:

    • Chaperone on retreats and trips

    • Drive a bus for events

    Philip Jenkins  |  philip.jenkins@mtjuliet.org


    Circuit Riders builds future church leaders by working with our high school young men to lead all aspects of worship at surrounding congregations. In addition, it helps to connect the MJ congregation to other local congregations through these efforts.

    Ways to serve:

    • Attend worship services led by our Circuit Riders to encourage them and the local congregation

    • Assist in teaching/training

    Derek Hyde  |  circuitriders@mtjuliet.org


    This program trains baptized high school students how to teach either an adult class or a teen class. A specific curriculum guides the student through five principles for how to teach Scripture: an introduction, three main points, and finally, a conclusion. Anyone who has a passion for helping to train students can positively impact our students in this program.

    Ways to serve:

    • Listen and provide a critical review for students

    • Be present when students teach to encourage them

    • Review and help update/evolve the curriculum

    Mike Dominski  |  histep@mtjuliet.org


    This youth mentoring program pairs one adult with three youth group members of the same age/gender. Up Groups requires a commitment of 12 days a year to connect with our teens by mentoring them and participating in scheduled activities. Every adult has this opportunity to pass on the blessings they have been blessed with.

    Ways to serve:

    • Sign up to be an Up Groups mentor

    • Help plan and execute the scheduled events

    • Review and help update the curriculum

    Mike Dominski  |  upgroups@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Young Adults & College

    Our YAC ministry exists to help those who are in a transitional period in their lives continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus. This group desires to seek intentional, godly relationships with other like-minded Christian young adults. YAC is active in fellowship events, serving the church and community, and facilitating intentional discipleship with the rest of the congregation.

    Ways to serve:

    • Host an event in your home

    • Volunteer to work and build relationships at one of our retreats

    • Encourage college students who are away

    Blaine McKinney & Doug Williams  |  yac@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Seniors

    MJ Seniors is formed to lend spiritual, emotional, social, and physical support to our members 65 and older. Part of this ministry is providing opportunities for the seniors to grow spiritually through fellowship and service. The other part of this ministry is connecting our congregation to those 65 and older for fellowship and opportunities to provide them support.

    Ways to serve:

    • Assist with driving for monthly outings and events

    • Serve in various capacities as needs arise for seniors, such as yard work and housework

    • Write cards to seniors in our congregation and those who may be sick

    Doug Perry & Buddy Pickler  |  seniors@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Men

    MJ Men serves men of our congregation through opportunities for Bible study, fellowship activities, and relationship building. Our goal is to build relationships that enable men of our congregation to live out Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

    Ways to serve:

    • Lead or assist with men’s ministry social events

    • Help plan and run Father-Son or Father-Daughter retreat

    • Lead or assist with small group men’s Bible study

    John Coleman & Joshua Horn  |  men@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Women

    The purpose of our Women’s Ministry is to seek God first, to surrender to His will, and to serve each other in love. There are countless opportunities for the women at MJ to grow closer to God, each other, and in their service to others, including women’s Bible classes, fellowship activities, retreats, wedding & baby showers, and more. Our key verse is 1 Peter. 4:10, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

    Ways to Serve:

    • Help with and/or attend the Women’s Retreat, Mother-Son, and/or Mother-Daughter Retreat

    • Coordinate or attend a ladies’ fellowship activity

    • Help with and/or attend a wedding or baby showers

    • Help with sewing projects

    • Help greet newcomers

    Kim Buckner  |  women@mtjuliet.org

Ministries During Worship & Bible Class

  • Adult Education

    The Adult Education program focuses on providing people an opportunity to learn more about God’s Word. Through diligent preparation, our talented and dedicated teachers faithfully teach classes every Sunday and Wednesday. This ministry is committed to helping students improve their understanding of the Bible, learn more about God, live an obedient Christian life, and teach others what they have learned.

    Tim Martin  |  tim.martin@mtjuliet.org

  • AV

    The AV ministry uses technology to aid during worship in three key areas: audio, visuals (slides), and video. These are used in-house to provide audio and visuals to our auditorium, simulcast, and monitors throughout the building. AV also allows us to livestream our services so that we are able to continue to spread the Word to all.

    Ways to serve:

    • Run the sound, presentation, or live stream station during worship or class

    • Set up and run ProPresenter (slides) during worship or class

    • Provide technical skills or knowledge if familiar with the technology used

    Wesley Harris & Jeff Moshinsky  |  av@mtjuliet.org

  • Communion Preparation

    This ministry ensures that communion is provided for everyone at our worship services. In addition to this, they also ensure that the pews are stocked with Connect/Next Steps cards. 

    Ways to serve:

    • Prepare communion for services

    • Restock Connect/Next Steps cards in the pews

    Ray Alley  |  communion@mtjuliet.org

  • Greeters

    As a part of our guest ministries, Greeters focuses on making everyone feel welcome and at home while worshiping with us, especially those who are new. Greeters are stationed at our auditorium entrances and Welcome Center at each of our Sunday services.

    Ways to serve:

    • Greet before your preferred Sunday service

    • Serve in the Welcome Center

    Ray Alley  |  greeters@mtjuliet.org

  • Involvement Center

    As part of our communications ministry, the Involvement Center ministry manages the center in the main foyer. From this center, congregants are encouraged to discover ways to get involved in the work of the church, such as signing up for ministries and events or seeking general information. 

    Ways to serve:

    • Join the team to work at the Involvement Center

    David Gragg   |  involvementcenter@mtjuliet.org

  • Resource Team

    This team helps with ensuring the safety of our congregation during worship and at various events. Along with security-related functions, the resource team also maintains a list of medical professionals to respond if a need arises.

    Ways to serve:

    • Monitor security cameras during gatherings

    • Identify yourself as a medical professional on their list

    • Work as security at various events

    Dennis Buchanan  |  resourceteam@mtjuliet.org

  • Ushers

    This ministry is part of our guest ministry which strives to help every visitor feel loved, welcomed, and comfortable. Ushers assist in greeting and helping people find a place to sit for worship.

    Ways to serve:

    • Volunteer once a month to help usher during one of our worship services

    Mike Welch  |  ushers@mtjuliet.org

  • Wonderfully Made

    The purpose of the Wonderfully Made ministry is to serve people with special needs along with their families and loved ones. We want to help all these individuals participate in Bible class, worship, ministry service, and congregational fellowship. More than anything, we want them to fully experience the love of Christ and God’s people.

    Ways to serve:

    • Be a “buddy” to those with special needs in order to help them attend and navigate worship, Bible class, and fellowship events

    • Staff the Sensory Room, a refuge for when special needs children require a safe and calming environment

    • Partner with caretakers of those with special needs to provide support during worship and other church activities

    Melissa Welch & Tim Martin  |  wonderfullymade@mtjuliet.org

  • Worship Assignments

    This ministry handles the scheduling for the men in the congregation who lead in worship, including prayers and presiding over the Lord’s Supper. The worship assignments ministry maintains a database of all of those who have signed up to serve and ensures these positions are filled each week.

    Ways to serve:

    • Lead opening/closing prayer or read Scripture

    • Preside over the Lord's Supper

    • Assist with check-in before services

    Lance Williams  |  worshipassignments@mtjuliet.org

Ministries Throughout the Week

  • Benevolence

    The mission of the Benevolence Ministry at the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ through the process of meeting or assisting with their basic needs in a time of crisis or transition.

    Ways to serve:

    • Volunteer to work on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 9 am to noon

    • Contribute items to our food pantry requested each week as published in the bulletin

    • Notify the church concerning someone you have contacted who needs financial assistance

    Ron Barnes  |  benevolence@mtjuliet.org

  • Communications

    This ministry focuses on using digital and print media to build up, equip, and grow the body of Christ locally and beyond. We are heavily involved with social media, mtjuliet.org, ministry communication tools, sharing the vision of the church visually, the church directory, and much more. Every skill level and passion can be involved.

    Ways to serve:

    • Help with technology at church-wide events

    • Archiving live streams

    • Take photos

    Blaine McKinney | blaine.mckinney@mtjuliet.org

  • Communion at Home

    This ministry focuses on encouraging those who are no longer able to attend worship due to physical limitations. On Sunday afternoons, they visit shut-ins and nursing homes to worship with them. This includes praying, Lord’s Supper, and sharing some of the thoughts from the sermon.  

    Ways to serve:

    • Take communion occasionally to members who are temporarily hospitalized or at home

    • Visit local nursing care facilities

    Jamie Gillespie  |  homecommunion@mtjuliet.org

  • Community Outreach

    Provides multiple church-wide events focusing on outreach. Some opportunities will be purposed in creating a welcoming environment where our church family can invite friends or neighbors, while others will be focused on serving our community.

    Ways to serve:

    • Assist with set up or the food lines for Worship in the Park

    • Lead one of the community projects during Serve Others Week

    • Clean cars or paint nails for Single Moms Car Care Clinic

    • Serve breakfast at Veterans Day Breakfast

    • Monitor an inflatable or help with food at VBS Family Night

    Daniel Johnson (Car Care Clinic and Veterans Breakfast)  | communityoutreach@mtjuliet.org

    Jared Adams & Justin Neal (Serve Others Week, VBS Family Night, Worship in the Park)  |  communityoutreach@mtjuliet.org

  • Counseling Center

    We bring hope, help, and healing to the whole person. We believe that counseling must treat the mind, body, soul, and spirit as we provide a safe place for adults, children, and families. Our experienced counselors want to show the compassion and care that Christ showed and utilize a variety of approaches to meet needs. Learn more and reach out at mtjuliet.org/counseling.

    Laura Jenkins  |  counseling@mtjuliet.org

  • Encouragement Groups

    These intergenerational gatherings of fellow Christians meet monthly from August through April for a time of fellowship. Groups of 10-15 people share a meal together and also receive a list of people to encourage that month through cards, phone calls, and visits.

    Ways to serve:

    • Coordinate an encouragement group

    • Host a group in your home for a meal

    Ryan Jackson  |  egroups@mtjuliet.org

  • Facility Development & Maintenance

    This ministry focuses on the role of the building in the work of the church at Mt. Juliet and the church’s stewardship of that blessing. It is important for the building to support the works and ministries of the congregation and be well-suited to accommodate all of our guests.

    Ways to serve:

    • Assist with building improvement projects and maintenance, especially if you have areas of expertise, experience, or skills

    • Serve as a project manager for small miscellaneous projects (painting, electrical, plumbing, exterior, etc.)

    • Pick up and deliver construction or project materials from the hardware store, lumber yard, etc. (availability of truck is necessary)

    Jay Keopf  |  facilities@mtjuliet.org

  • Fellowship Events

    Fellowship events provide multiple church-wide events with the purpose of promoting fellowship and intergenerational relationships within our church family. Family Day, MJ Opry, and a Dinner and Singing night are the current events led by the Fellowship Ministry.

    Ways to serve:

    • Lead an activity for Family Day

    • Help with setup and take-down for MJ Opry or the Dinner and Singing Night

    • Assist with serving and providing food for the fellowship events

    Greg Arnold & Seth Rozell  |  fellowshipevents@mtjuliet.org

  • Front Porch

    This outreach ministry focuses on reaching out to and encouraging those who have recently visited the church. The goal is to make a personal connection with our guests at their homes and offer gratitude for their willingness to visit our church family.

    Ways to serve:

    • Deliver a loaf of sourdough bread (provided for you) to a recent guest’s home and thank them for visiting

    Roy Wilson  |  frontporch@mtjuliet.org

  • Giving

    This ministry ensures that each week’s contribution is counted accurately and deposited. The giving ministry also maintains accurate records and transfers of all of our online giving funds and systems. 

    Jamie Miller  |  giving@mtjuliet.org

  • Grief

    Supports individuals in our church family whose lives have been touched by death as a way of showing our love and concern during a very difficult time. A series of four publications are sent during the first year after the death, at appropriate times during that year.

    Ways to serve:

    • Write sympathy cards to each family

    • Attend funeral home visitations when appropriate

    • Make phone calls or home visits to those who need to be encouraged

    Gene & Thelma Griffin  |  grief@mtjuliet.org

  • Jail

    The jail ministry offers spiritual support and guidance to incarcerated individuals. Through monthly visits and Bible studies, we aim to address spiritual needs and facilitate rehabilitation. Our group will share short sermons, pray with inmates, and offer encouragement. We offer compassion, understanding, and a message of redemption with the ultimate goal of positively impacting those within the correctional system.

    Ways to serve:

    • Visit the county jail

    • Write letters to inmates

    Tyler Hayzlett | jailministry@mtjuliet.org

  • Lebanon Academy

    The goal of this ministry is to be an encouragement and resource to teenage boys who currently live at Lebanon Academy, a local group home. We strive to show them the importance of faith while also aiding with the goals of the center in preparing them to be successful adults.

    Ways to serve:

    Help host or volunteer at events

    Be a mentor

    Sponsor a dinner after Bible class

    Bryan LeMasters  |  bryan.lemasters@mtjuliet.org

  • Marriage & Family

    The goal of this ministry is to strengthen marriages and families by offering biblical education and mentorship. Periodically, we offer marriage and parenting workshops, Financial Peace University, and other activities to strengthen and encourage families within the church.

    Ways to serve:

    • Volunteer to help with an event

    • Be a mentor 

    Chris Haynes  |  marriage.family@mtjuliet.org

  • Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels provides a meal each Thursday to shut-ins and those who may have need. Our team consists of individuals who cook and people who are also willing to deliver the meals. Each December, we also assemble and deliver around 100 holiday gift baskets to shut-ins and widows. 

    Ways to serve:

    • Join a team to lead, cook, plate, or deliver meals

    • Assemble and/or deliver holiday baskets in December

    Joe Partin  |  mow@mtjuliet.org

  • Minister Training Support

    This is a ministry to train young men to be ministers, providing financial and professional support and personal encouragement. 

    Shannon Buckner  |  ministertraining@mtjuliet.org

  • Missions Committee

    This committee manages several mission points and assists organizations that are making disciples and sharing the Gospel all over the world. You can view a full list of current mission points at mtjuliet.org/missions and learn more. Each year, several mission trips are also conducted under the oversight of this ministry.

    Ways to serve:

    • Serve on the committee and attend monthly meetings

    • Participate in short-term mission trips

    • Pray actively and encourage our missionaries and mission points

    David Burka  |  david.burka@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Preschool

    Our mission is to teach God’s Word and share His love through a fun learning experience that prepares children socially and academically to enter the public or private school system. We offer preschool programming two days a week (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs) from 9:00 am-1:30 pm for children ages 2 years old through Pre-Kindergarten.

    Ways to serve:

    • Assist with minor projects (painting, changing lightbulbs, etc.)

    • Participate in our adopt-a-grandparent program

    • Work as an aide or substitute in the preschool program

    Tina Edwards  |  preschool@mtjuliet.org

  • MJ Preschool Outreach

    This ministry focuses on reaching families in our community who have children enrolled with our MJ Preschool. We strive to have a monthly presence at the school to interact and develop relationships with both the children and parents. We believe those who are looking for a church home will be encouraged to worship at Mt. Juliet with familiar faces from preschool.

    Ways to serve:

    • Help with meet and greet events before or after school

    • Volunteer at the end-of-year graduation celebration in May

    • Write encouragement cards to families enrolled and invite them to worship

    Travis Treece  |  preschooloutreach@mtjuliet.org

  • Newcomers

    Hosts fellowship meals for those new to our church family throughout the year. Our goal is to facilitate developing connections with other Christians as we welcome them into our congregation.

    Ways to serve:

    • Invite new people to join us at the next scheduled lunch

    • Bring a dessert

    • Serve and visit with newcomers at the lunch

    Rick Stephenson  |  newcomers@mtjuliet.org

  • Open Homes

    Open Homes serves orphans both locally and globally. We provide practical support to foster and adoptive families in the form of meals, childcare assistance, prayer support, and more. Our goal is to surround foster and adoptive families as they provide for children. 

    Ways to serve:

    • Become a foster or adoptive parent

    • Partner with a specific foster or adoptive family

    • Assist with childcare or meals at events or training

    Brandon & Bridget Adcock; Clint & Lacie Haynes  |  openhomes@mtjuliet.org

  • Schools

    We serve the students, teachers, and staff at Mt. Juliet Elementary. Our goal is to show God's love through volunteering, acts of kindness, and encouragement.

    Ways to serve:

    Pray for the teachers, students, and staff on a regular basis

    Volunteer for scheduled school events

    Help with periodical acts of service to teachers and staff 

    Jeremy Keopf  | schools@mtjuliet.org

  • Technology Services

    This ministry provides direction, support, and leadership for all information technology needs across campus including the preschool and The Chapel properties. This ministry works with our staff and other ministries to ensure all IT systems work together across our platforms. Any skill level can be involved; no IT experience is required to serve in this area.

    Ways to serve:

    Assist with mounting equipment and technology installation

    Test and deploy new technologies as needed

    Help with training and workshops

    Cary Chapman  |  mjtechnology@mtjuliet.org

  • Ted E. Bears

    This outreach ministry makes teddy bears for children in uncomfortable situations. Bears are placed with our local police, first responders, emergency rooms, and nursing homes.

    Ways to serve:

    Cut out bear patterns

    Sew bear patterns

    Stuff and/or paint faces on bear patterns

    Jill Wall & Patty Willoughby  |  bears@mtjuliet.org

  • Transportation

    The Transportation Ministry is responsible for driver training, maintaining an approved list of drivers with our insurance company, and servicing and repairing our fleet of vehicles. This ministry primarily exists to meet the transportation needs of other congregational ministries. This is accomplished by ensuring our vehicles are safe and functional and approved drivers are available to serve. 

    Brandon Whitlock  |  transportation@mtjuliet.org

  • Treasury

    The treasury ministry, under the direction of our elders, handles the daily financial tasks and responsibilities for our congregation. They manage payroll and expense tracking for the many ministries of the Mt. Juliet church. Their diligent work ensures that we are good stewards of the resources we are given.

    Sean Owens & Kristina Kirby  |  treasurer@mtjuliet.org

  • Widows/Widowers

    This ministry cares for and shows love to our widows and widowers as the New Testament teaches. We seek to help support them in many areas including physical, social, and spiritual. We do a monthly lunch every 2nd Sunday as well as additional activities throughout the year.

    Ways to serve: 

    Help with occasional physical needs, such as around their houses

    Host or co-host one of our monthly Widows & Widowers lunches

    Assist with transportation for special situations

    Scott Humphrey  |  widows@mtjuliet.org

  • World Bible School

    WBS uses postal mail and the internet to share the Gospel and promote diligent Bible study around the world. Using published course materials and the Bible, our members act as study helpers, building relationships by writing personal notes of encouragement to their students as well as grading their lessons. We offer a 7-course Master Series plus supplemental courses on specific Bible topics. Many of our students are in jails and prisons in the USA as well as in the community and in foreign countries. 

    Ways to serve:

    Be a mail teacher and prepare printed WBS lesson booklets for mailing to your assigned students, grade the student answer sheets which they return by mail, write notes of encouragement, and prepare their next lesson booklets 

    Be an internet teacher who accesses the WBS website, claims a waiting student(s), follows their progress as they complete their lessons online (the system does the grading), and writes online notes of encouragement

    Jeremy Andrews & Hardy Morris  |  wbs@mtjuliet.org