William Buchanan Walden

by David Shannon

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem was his quick and confident answer to the question of his favorite song. The music lover no doubt loved the beautiful melody, but also the message of great hope in our LORD. The first verse speaks of the star that led the wise men to baby Jesus. The second verse speaks of Jesus being the Guiding Light (star) leading us through our pilgrimage on earth. The third verse speaks of the eternal glory (Jesus is the shining Star) when the crown has been won. The chorus praises Jesus by saying ‘shine on, shine on!�

William Walden reflected the light of Jesus, the shining Star. Jesus� love was reflected through William upon his family. William was loyal to Delores, his wife of 40 years, loving her as Christ loved the church. He lived his vows to love in sickness and in health as he served her until her passing. He was a devoted father. Preston, Lydia, and Marla’s hearts flood with precious memories of a father who enjoyed his family. All three enjoyed his music and singing together. By ten years old Preston, Ray Justice�another ten year old neighbor, and William formed the Cedar Creek Boys. They enjoyed many years of performing including playing on the Carl Tipton Show. William loved entertaining. He began playing the guitar as a teenager. He played shows for nursing homes, retirement home, schools, and benefits. In recent years he would occasionally have an evening show at the restaurant �Our Place� in MJ. The parking lot would be full with cars parking in the grass and across the road. He would scout young talent from fairs and festivals giving them a wonderful opportunity and his show fresh personalities.

William reflected Christ’s love for the church. William loved serving in the church. During his adult years he prospered the work at Hermitage, Green Hill, and MJ. He enjoyed leading singing, coordinating the song leading, teaching singing classes, other Bible classes, giving rides to worship, and working with the youth when his children were younger. Towards the end of his life I asked him how he wanted to be remembered. His answer reflected his life of work for the Master as he said, �As a good Christian man who has worked his whole life and toiled and strived for Christ.� He continued to speak, �I want to meet the Lord�� but his voice became too weak and low to be understood. What a revealing statement of one’s life and faith� �I want to meet the Lord.� Remember the chorus of his favorite song? �Oh, give us Thy light to light the way into the land of perfect day, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem shine on.� By faith we believe he followed the Star of Bethlehem into the land of perfect day!

William Walden was born in Davidson County growing up on a farm which was flooded when Percy Priest Lake was formed. He grew up attending the Philippi Church of Christ where his father served as an elder. He graduated from Donelson High and David Lipscomb University. He studied accounting and music. After graduation he went to work at Independent Life Insurance and worked there until retirement. During retirement he and his wife Delores (Tucker) enjoyed antiquing. He is remembered as a kind, assertive, determined, articulate, precise, tender- hearted, musician, song leader, entertainer, devoted, hard worker, family man, � follower of The Star. He is greatly missed.