Wilhelmina (Billie) Mulligan (1914-1997)

by Steve Hale

One of the most encouraging voices and brightest faces I remember when moving here ten years ago was that of sister Billie Mulligan. Bom Wilhelmina Smart in Toronto, Canada, she was the only child of her father, Harry Smart, and mother, Eleanor Nixon Smart.

Her roots go a long way back in the Lord’s church. Her grandfather Smart was an elder in the church in Scotland! When sister Mulligan was about seven, her family moved to Detroit, Michigan. She married Joseph Nuttall in 1934, and they had one child, our sister Judy Trew. Mr. Nuttal died in 1969, and sister Billie re-married. Her second husband’s name was Earl Mulligan, who died in 1983.

It was then that she moved to Tennessee to live with Judy, Dick, and their family. She wanted to be near her great-grandchdren (Hoyt and Laura (Trew) Smith’s children, Matthew and Jennifer).

Sister Mulligan enjoyed reading and knitting incessantly. She also had a great fondness for animals.

Sister Mulligan loved the church here at Mt. Juliet, and was always happy to see the church progress. She would speak of that fondly whenever we visited with her.

Our hearts go out to Judy, Dick, Laura, Hoyt, Matthew, and Jennifer. Their love and loyalty to sister Billie in the shadow of her years was an inspiration to all of us.