Vesta Locke 1914-2010

Vesta Oldham Cawthon Locke was born December 6, 1914 and died November 15, 2010. She was the daughter of the late Rufus Vester (R.V.) Cawthon and the late Dovie Bowling Talbot Cawthon. She was the fifth of eight children and the last surviving family member. Her father and grandfather were elders of the Mt. Juliet church of Christ in the very early years of the church’s existence.

Mrs. Vesta was married to the late Lucian Locke and they had five children: Jimmy, Pat, Allison, Art, and Steve. Most of her parenting was done as a single parent as Mr. Locke died an early death. She worked at the Post Office in Mt. Juliet and served as the Post Master much of her 35 years there.

Mrs. Vesta loved her family and she loved to worship with her church family. She was a quiet person and wanted no attention drawn to herself. She loved God’s word and read it every day. She loved babies and little children. She was a very loving Christian lady who was strong, persevering, kind, gentle, and hard-working.

For the last few years of her life she was only able to attend worship service when her health allowed. But her heart and gentle spirit was an encouragement to all of us who knew her. We will miss. Her. May she now rest from her labors and be blessed with all those who die in the Lord (Rev. 14:13).

Written by Pat Hackney