Ukrainian Missions

Our Ministry Spotlight this week features our upcoming Ukraine mission trip. For years, our congregation has supported a congregation in Kreasnormesk, and we even took groups there years ago. Through contacts we made with EEM, we have been connected to Jeremiah�s Hope, an organization that matches congregations with Ukrainian orphanages. The plan is for a congregation to send a team over to the orphanage during the summer to lead a Bible camp, then send cards and maintain contact throughout the year. This way, a congregation can develop a relationship with a specific orphanage, and those children can grow up with consistent Christian influences around them.

This year, we will be taking a two-week trip to one of those orphanages in Donetsk, only about 30 miles from Kreasnormesk. We will spend ten days in the orphanage, teaching the Bible to children in a V.B.S.-type camp format. During the morning, we will have singing and a Bible lesson. In the afternoons, we will have activity centers and crafts to help us drive home the point of the story. At night, there will be an activity for everyone, and then small group devotionals at bed-time. We will be there for two Sundays, and we�ll spend both of those days with the congregation in Kreasnormesk. Plans are being made for ways we can encourage the Christians there and get an update on the work that is taking place.

We have a wonderful group going with us – Melissa Burka, David Fleming, P.D. and Susan McCulloch, Myrna McKinley, Andrew and Kathryn Phillips, and Hoyt Smith. Also, we will be meeting up with Barbara Patterson, who lives in Texas. She has been involved with this work in the past, and she was not able to be a part of her usual team this summer. So, we will have her as a guide as we make it to Donetsk, as well as a voice of experience during our preparation time.

Mount Juliet is involved in several different, wonderful mission efforts. We have our upcoming Stateside Mission trip, as well as our Youth Mission Trip that give us opportunities to reach out to other Americans with the gospel. We have already taken one group to El Salvador this year, and another trip will be leaving this summer. All of these efforts are bearing fruit for the Kingdom, both in the lives of those reached but also in our own lives. We are a large enough congregation for ALL of these efforts to continue to grow. Let�s ask God to bless every one of these trips over the next few months. Why not join a team yourself? You�ll be glad you did!