Two Soldiers Go Home: Kenneth Reeves and Macon Castleman

by Steve Hale

The Mt. Juliet Church suffered a terrible, double blow this last weekend. Two great men of God went home within fifteen hours of each other. Kenneth Reeves passed away Friday night, February 3, about 10:20 P.M. The next day, at about 1:00 P.M., Macon Castleman went to be with Jesus.

Kenneth Reeves

Kenneth Reeves was an active deacon and Bible teacher at the Mt. Juliet church. He taught the New Converts class with Tommy Dixon, ordered supplies for the church, and did everything that was asked of him, and then some.

Kenneth was an unassuming man, a humble and kind person. His prayers, with his distinctive, soft voice, were known and appreciated by us all for their sincerity, love, and substantiveness.

Kenneth was a family man who was endeared to his wife Sharon, and his children, Karen and Kevin. He was a great encourager of truth, and exhorted us when a difficult sermon was needed. He was one of the most dependable, trustworthy people I’ve ever known.

There is no doubt in my mind where this brother is. He was indeed ‘…his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good’ works…’ ( Ephesians 2:10).

Our love to Sharon, Karen, and Kevin during this difficult time.

Macon Castleman

Macon Castleman was baptized into Christ some 71 years ago at the Center Chapel church. He operated Castleman’s garage for some 50 years, and was known for his honesty, integrity, and workmanship.

Brother Castleman and sister Katie were married for some 62 years. They were dedicated to the church and rejoiced at her growth and progress.

He was Mt. Juliet’s very first Volunteer Fire Chief. This is just an example of brother Macon’s servant-oriented heart. He loved his community and his family.

Brother Macon served the Mt. Juliet church for many years as a deacon. He was, at one point, the treasurer for the congregation, and was as dependable as could be.

We will miss this kind, humble man who meant so much to this church. While we rejoice for him, we sorrow for sister Katie, their children, and ourselves. .”…he was righteous … and by it he being dead yet speaks” ( Hebrews 11:4).