Tuesday / Thursday School

Coordinator: Tina Edwards (director) and David Glisson (member)

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe and loving Christian-based learning experience for preschool children and to establish relationships with families to create an opportunity to minister to them spiritually

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Host a Bible Study either on Tuesday or Thursday mornings for the parents/guardians.
  • Teacher
  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Read stories to the children
  • Make bible visuals for classes
  • Create and update games for the classes (Bible and Academic)
  • Volunteer to help during the summer to clean and set up classrooms, copy and cut out curriculum
  • Volunteer to help organize and participate in our extracurricular activities. (cook, set up, serve, clean up, making or putting together props)
  • Photograph events
  • Provide carpentry skills by making various things for the school
  • Provide sewing skills to make puppets or other items for classrooms
  • Assist in organizing the resource room and library
  • Support program by creating and regularly updating the school website
  • Volunteer to help clean up playground and add mulch to play areas
  • Director