There’s no place like home.

by Joey Davis

Sit right back and You’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that ended in a tropic port….

If I were going to paint a picture of Buenos Aires using landscape scenes from the United States, it would go as follows. Take 3 parts West Texas, 2 parts Smoky Mountains, 1 part Florida Keys, mix these thoroughly and sift in a little of the Old West with a liberal helping of the Great Depression and you’ll have Buenos Aires.

Going to Panama was an education for me and for the rest of this article I would like to share some of the things that I learned while out of the country…..

Whoever said, “Half the fun is getting there”, was a liar. The “Buddy System” doesn’t always work. Beanie Weenies are good for you. You don’t necessarily have to have hair to have lice Smiling breaks down barriers of culture, language, and prejudice. It is understood everywhere… . Your backwoods may be another’s mainstreet. Riding in the back of a 4-wheel drive truck up a mountain may cause sudden mood swings in otherwise seemingly normal humans. Spam is a method of torture inflicted by well meaning American Missionary Cooks. Buenos Aires means “Good Air” in Spanish, and we certainly enjoyed the buenos aires at night. I now have a deep abiding appreciation for American plumbing, especially toilets. Seven hours on a pile of hot rocks can cause you to lose your sense of humor. Sleeping in a room full of other men is indeed an unforgettable adventure. Charles White snores as bad as I do There is nothing quite like listening to an hour and a half long sermon with a thirty minute invitation (in Spanish) to make you miss your home congregation and their love for promptness Creeks are great bathtubs. You can kill a snake with a desk. Lukewarm water tastes good if you’re thirsty. It is easy to remain “flexible” in an air-conditioned Nissan Path finder. When it is 95 degrees in the shade, “freole cola” (cold coke) becomes a rather important Spanish phrase. Nothing is more beautiful than the baptism of one of God’s children taking place in the midst of His creation. Nothing worth doing is easy. Spaghetti and whole kernal corn are good together. God expects much from whom he has given much. You can be lonesome in a crowd. Bus drivers in Panama can’t drive with out a horn. Lost luggage is a tragedy that may require grief therapy. There’s no place like home!