The Sudan Project

An Exciting New Mt. Juliet Ministry

Many miles were traveled last week by two of our Mt. Juliet brethren to share with congregations across the country the great mission effort planned for Sudan. But we also want to make sure that the entire Mt. Juliet congregation is informed, as well, so that you can be prayerful and supportive of this work. Thank you for being a church that realizes we must constantly seek and save the lost! For those who don’t know yet, below is the story of our involvement in Sudan.

Earlier this year, the elders of the Mt. Juliet congregation, upon the recommendation of the mission committee, accepted the responsibility for spearheading the evangelizing of the African nation of South Sudan. This challenging effort will begin with the construction of a preacher training school, which will allow Sudanese men to follow the command in 2 Timothy 2:2 and train other Sudanese men to preach the gospel to their countrymen in their own language and without American missionaries. We will be supplying the funds to operate this new school for preachers.

Already, the Mt. Juliet congregation is supporting and overseeing the work of two Sudanese men in Sudan, as well as Roger Talayni, who will return to teach in the preaching school as soon as he completes his training at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. Some of you got to meet Roger when he visited us a few months ago.

Mt. Juliet will eventually support Roger as he teaches in the preacher training school in Sudan. Many congregations and individuals across the U. S. have already contributed to this effort and will continue to do so. But this is going to be a great work requiring the partnership of many Christians. It is becoming known by churches across the country as The Sudan Project.

The following is a brief report by DeWayne Griffin and Don Humphrey describing their recent trip to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico on behalf of our new Sudan Project. These two Mt. Juliet brethren met John Ed Clark, an elder from the Woodward Park church in Fresno, California, who has spoken to us at Mt. Juliet in the past. These three men spent seven days meeting with individuals and various congregations, thanking them for their previous support of the work and letting them know that Mt. Juliet will now be picking up the baton and overseeing the work in Sudan.


“On Tuesday, September 9, we traveled to Houston, Texas and linked up with John Ed. While in Houston, we visited in the home of Patrick and Grace Jackson. They are the son and daughter of Isaya Jackson, who is a church leader in Sudan and he will be working directly with Mt. Juliet. Patrick and Grace are in Houston pursuing college degrees. Both desire to return to Sudan if they can find employment there once they complete their college work.

On Wednesday, September 10, we met with a brother in Houston at his office. He has been interested in the Sudanese work for some time. We explained the transition of leadership from Woodward Park to Mt. Juliet and gave him an update on the project. He was pleased that we came by and gave us a generous check for the work.

Later that afternoon, we met with a couple in Conroe, Texas. They also have been faithful donors to the work in Sudan for several years. When John Ed explained that, due to the illness of his wife and himself, he needed to pass on his responsibilities for Sudan to Mt. Juliet, the brethren in Conroe understood and were in agreement.

Having face-to-face meetings validated what we are trying to accomplish. It also gave Grif the opportunity to share the Mt. Juliet congregation’s story with these donors, which was reassuring to those who will be participating in the work with us.

Our final stop for Wednesday was in Huntsville, Texas, for worship. We did not have a scheduled meeting with those brethren but took the opportunity to tell the Sudan story to all who would listen. Several couples knew Don from his days as a minister in the Southwest.

On Thursday, September 11, another busy day began as we met with the entire church in Era, Texas. This was a relatively small gathering but very productive. The Era church gives regularly to the work in Sudan, as does one of their members on a personal basis. This church had a sweet, wonderful spirit, and their love for lost souls was apparent. John Ed gave a slide presentation, Don made comments and presented our beautiful color brochure depicting The Sudan Project, and Grif got to again tell the history of our own congregation.

On Friday, September 12, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas shore with a fury. By this time, we were fortunate to have traveled several hundred miles to the north. We made a slight detour from our planned trip to visit with another donor in Oklahoma. Right before John Ed flew out of California to meet us, this brother had sent a generous gift for The Sudan Project.

The slight change in plans proved very worthwhile. From Oklahoma, we drove up to Dodge City, Kansas, again meeting with the entire congregation, who showed us a nice turnout for a Friday night. Again, our presentation was very favorably received.

Saturday, September 13, we had only one appointment. It was in Shallowater, Texas, where we met with a committee from the 12th Street congregation. This church has personal relationships with Isaya, Kennedy, and others who are working in Sudan. These brethren reminded us of Mt. Juliet, and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting with them. They are heavily involved in mission work and fully understand that God must receive all the glory. From Shallowater, we drove to Roswell, N. M., to spend the night.

Sunday, September 14, was another very long day. From Roswell, we drove clear to Mayhill, N. M. for worship. John Ed taught the Sunday school class, and Don preached. These brethren were also warm and engaging and fully supportive of the Sudan work.

In another example of the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings, once the role that Mt. Juliet would take in the Sudan project was explained, the Mayhill brethren were ready to be our partner. After leaving Mayhill, we drove almost eight hours back to Abilene to spend the night.

Monday, September 15, we arrived at Dallas Love Field for our flight home to Nashville. At that point, we three had driven almost 2,600 miles sharing the exciting news about our upcoming ministry in Sudan.

It was a busy and wonderful week, one of which we feel God was proud and that greatly benefited the work in Sudan. We pledge to continue to keep you all informed of the progress and needs in Sudan as our congregation undertakes this great new work for the Lord.”

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