The City Within

by David Fleming

While visiting Ensenada, Mexico (a city of about 300,000). We had the opportunity to meet with many different people. We met ranchers, shop keepers, doctors, nurses, peddlers, and beggars; to name a few.

We met many people who had a great desire to go north of the border, to the lure of a life full of promise. We also met people who had been north and returned home because of their love for their land and the realization that the grass on the other side is not always greener.

While talking with some of the residents we discovered there were 15 orphanages in and around the city and more were needed.

We located one church of Christ sponsored orphanage at the north edge of town called the “Cerrdad de Ninos” – City of Children. About 30 years ago, some devoted brothers from the San Diego area were able to purchase 60 acres and have since built a beautiful facility with the help of many churches, missionaries, and youth groups. There are now about 105 children of all ages there. These children attend local schools and live at the facility. They come by 1 ‘s, 2’ s, and families of children. Most are sent by the welfare and government facilities. If there are children from the same family they are kept together as a family as much as possible.

Some children arrive in good health by families whose circumstances don’t allow them to be kept in the home. Some of these are later able to return home. Some are the result of abandomnent or abuse.

In one case a 3-year-old girl was in a coma when she arrived, having been beaten and sexually abused. Now she is a responsive little girl, eager to learn, though she still has a fear of men.

Another case is oftwo brothers, I believe about ages 4 and 7, who were beaten often by a step-father, sent to work in the fields, and fed a diet of salty beans and detergent. These boys finally ran away from home, lived on the streets, and would wash windows for something to eat. Finally handed over to the welfare, they made their way to the City of Children and a new life.

While visiting there the director introduced us to two brothers who had recently arrived. These were very bright children with many possibilities. They literally had scars on their bodies from an angry past.

A day in the life of these children begins with arising, cleaning their dorm, doing chores according to their age, having breakfast, and off to school. On returning from school there are more chores, supper, study hall, Bible study time, and bed time.

In their 30 years there have been over 500 baptisms.

I’ve said that to say this. God has much work for each member of his family. Mt. Juliet is involved in many works. Some may need to do missions in other countries, some at home, some in the home.

What the City of Children showed me is that God wants us to live in Him and have godly families. However, we know most people don’t. So any of these we can turn to God be they adult, child orphan, or other circumstance here in our home or around the world, then we are filling our purpose in life.