Thax Jackson (1929-2003)

by David Shannon

Thax Jackson has impacted countless lives for good. He excelled in family relationships as a son, husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather as well as all other family relationships. As a Christian, deacon, elder, worker, and citizen he conducted his life honorably.

Characteristics which distinguished Thax are quick wit, wise, straight shooter, organized, meticulous, intelligent, a love for geography (always having a map within reach), mathematics (having a mental phone directory and recollection of important dates), as well as athletics. Thax was a par golfer and excellent swimmer. Just this past year he was out diving with Taylor giving her instruction on how to improve her diving. He was a southpaw pitcher who enjoyed baseball even as an adult. He also had a love for hunting and reading. The summary of his activities and even his life would include the fact he never did anything half way!

Thax was born and raised in Mt. Juliet. His intelligence did not go unnoticed as his teacher had him to skip third grade. In high school, he not only performed well academically but also athletically playing football, basketball, and baseball. As a young man he always enjoyed fast, clean cars, pressed pants and polished shoes!

Jean and Thax attended high school together and began dating after school. Their marriage was a great accomplishment producing a beautiful family and exemplifying a dedication which God intended for a husband and wife to have for each other. As a young man he joined the Naval Reserves serving for two years on Midway Islands and in the reserves for eight years. He worked much of his adult life for Dupont, joining forces as a pipe fitter, then being promoted to a supervisor, and ultimately a superintendent. He excelled in what he did.

He loved retirement. He enjoyed the hours to golf, to be with family and friends, and to rest after a lifetime of work. One time someone asked him how long it took him to get used to retirement, to which Thax replied, “However long it takes to drive from Old Hickory to my house!”

Two Tremendous Notations:

Thax Jackson was a Christian. Thax was baptized into Christ as a young man shortly after marriage. He faithfully served his Lord. He served as a deacon and elder in the Mt. Juliet congregation of the Lord’s church. A description of his service has been summed up in these words, “Thax took his service as a deacon and elder very serious.” Many lives have been impacted for good due to this Christian man.

Thax Jackson was a family man. His godly life had a powerful impact on his family. Thax loved his family and his family loved him. Being an only child may have contributed to the tremendous love his mother and father had for him. Thax honored his parents even as they aged by constantly caring for them. He married a woman who loved him dearly and he loved her dearly. He had three daughters who declare he was the best daddy ever! They described their daddy as a man who could fix anything, could do anything, and who was a “rock” in their lives. They treasure times of sitting around the table after a meal listening to their parents tell stories of their childhood. They treasure the love their parents had for each other as they never remember their parents arguing or fighting. They treasure all of their daddy’s advice he would give, but especially the words he often mentioned, “Always stay close to each other.”

Thax Jackson was a type of person like Peter, of the scriptures. He had fire in his bones and courage in his steps. He wasn’t one to sit around, but would no doubt have been eager to walk on water toward his Lord. Like Peter he was a natural leader and appointed elder. Like Peter he prepared to die by preparing to live. Thax was loved and needed in this church, his family, and community. Our love for him continues just as his works continue to live. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “That they may rest from their labors and their works follow them” ( Revelation 14:13 b). Thank God for Thax Jackson. To Jean, Sherrie, Stephanie, Melanie and all family members we extend our deep sympathy and prayers. We love you.