Thank You Note from Marlinton, WV Mission Work


This is just a little thank you note for allowing some of your members to come to the Marlinton church of Christ and put on the VBS this past week. It was very uplifting and I know that these young people put in a lot of time and effort on this project. We have known Tracie, Sandi, Mitch, and Stephanie for about 5 to 6 years now and they are our family. We love and respect these people so much. They work so hard to make things run smoothly and to make sure that your young people make the most of the time they have with us and still have fun themselves working for our Lord. We all could tell how much these

folks love the Lord and how much they try to get the “Good News” out to everyone they come in contact with.

 This has become a highlight in our spring/summer plans to have these folks join us and put on a great VBS for the adults as well as the younger people of the community. We love them all and we hope that this trip to Marlinton will continue to be on your list of projects in years to come.

Rob and I do not have small children of our own, but it is so easy to see how the area’s young kids love all of your team that comes here. It amazes me to hear them review what the kids have learned and to hear the local youth call off the names and the cities that they have learned about and what all of those people from the Bible did that they were studying that day. The folks that you have been sending are doing the job that you are sending them to do, when they can get a 6 to 10 year old to recite the things that they do after just about 1 1/2 hours a day for 4 days.

Again, Rob and I wish to thank all of you for approving this trip in the past and we are praying that this is a trip that will be approved in the future.

 Please tell all of our Christian family in Mt. Juliet Church of Christ “Hello”, for us and tell them we love them all.

In Christian Love,

Rob and Miriam Ketchem

Marlinton church of Christ