Tanzania Missions

by Daniel Nordstrom

This year, Mt Juliet church of Christ partnered with Justin and Anna Maynard in Arusha, Tanzania. In addition to spreading the Gospel, they teach farming at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. The demand for preachers in East Africa is so high that the school places the graduating evangelists before they finish, but most African congregations are not able to fully support a full-time preacher. Knowing valuable gardening and livestock skills enable these evangelists to support their families while they sow the good seed of God’s Word in the kingdom. The farming production at the school feeds the students and staff, cuts costs, and even generates revenue with surplus food.

God is working through Justin and Anna in a powerful way. Their reports and posts share about many becoming Christians as well as about cows and goats giving birth, planting, tractors and praying for rain. Justin recently hurt his ribs but was able to deliver three calves. Anna told how she low-crawled under a dark spider-infested forty-foot container to retrieve a baby goat before a downpour. She praised God for four young boys from the church who risked their safety to rescue a stolen goat from thieves. To baptize one sister, they built a small rock dam in a mountain stream to have “much water.” Justin and Anna are the type of Christians with callouses and bruises on their hands as they turn Bible pages to share the Good News.

Justin and Anna self-funded their work in Tanzania for an entire year before they asked for any support from others. They wanted to see if they could make a difference before they committed to three years of using their talents and energy in Africa. Their goal is to work themselves out of a job by instructing local Christians to such a high level that they can teach the preaching students how to self-sustain through farming. We are grateful to be a part of this work in God’s Kingdom.

Please be praying for Justin and Anna Maynard and friend them on Facebook if you would like to follow the progress in Tanzania. They will be hosting our Mount Juliet Safari for Souls campaign this November 3rd through 16th. If you would like to join the mission team to Tanzania, please contact David Burka or Daniel Nordstrom.