Urgent Need for South Sudan

This coming Sunday, April 27th, we will have a special contribution to collect money to buy food for Christian brothers and sisters in South Sudan. In Malakal in the northern part of South Sudan, seventy-nine Christians were forced to flee to the bush to escape armed conflict in December of last year.
They didn’t have time to bring food, so they ate whatever they could find, including grass, roots, and leaves, and they drank from puddles and muddy water. They had to survive that way for nearly two months until they finally arrived in Nasir, South Sudan, weak and malnourished. 140 other Christians were already at Nasir, living near the church of Christ meeting place, which isn’t a building, just a temporary structure that provides some shade.
A UN peacekeeping force is in Nasir, but they are not distributing food, only trying to maintain security. Now we have around 200 Christians that lack food and need our help. The cost to supply food is 83 cents per person, per day, which works out to be $5,000 per month for the entire group. We are estimating that they will need to be supplied for 6 months to enable them to plant seeds and reap some vegetables from their garden plots. Our goal is to raise at least $30,000.
Two brothers from the church traveled for two days to reach a city in Ethiopia where there are Christians to tell of their situation. We then sent some initial funding to prevent the group from starving. The first food aid made it to its intended destination.
The armed conflict is currently not affecting the area or the work of The Sudan Project, which the Mount Juliet church of Christ supports — both the South Sudan Bible School and the clinic have been safe.
Unfortunately, the fighting has not stopped up north and the UN estimates that one million people have been displaced from their homes and labels the humanitarian emergency in South Sudan as a level three, which is the same level as in Syria. But, because the fighting in South Sudan is not at the top of the news headlines, few people are aware of the food crisis. The UN said that there are 3.7 million people in severe risk of starvation. Several of Santino Haar’s extended family members have died in recent weeks, including his mom’s cousin, who was killed just this past Thursday. We are focusing aid to our Christian brothers and sisters, but if we get enough funding, we could help some of their neighbors. The non-Christians have noticed the love extended to our church family in South Sudan. With enough support, we could provide the Christians with the ability to feed some others. This will provide a good reputation for the churches of Christ as being filled with caring people and will create many opportunities for evangelism.
Please consider donating to the special contribution on Sunday, April 27th, for our Christian brothers and sisters in South Sudan that are facing a severe risk of starvation.