South Sudan Update

Dear friends of the South Sudan mission efforts:
This is an update received on Sunday afternoon, June 4. The background of the significance of the message in this email is that on April 3, we received an obviously hurried message from Simon Yope that gunshots were being heard in Pajok and that everyone was fleeing. Several days later we learned that most of the village and church members had made it to the Uganda border. A week or so later, we received another message that about 12,000 of the Pajok villagers were together in a Ugandan refugee camp and the church had held their first worship service under a tree near one of the church leader’s hut.With this background, the message below from Simon Yope is self explanatory. As I read this and weep, I call this faithfulness! Some pictures of this group are included at the end of the message.

“Below is the summary of Sunday’s attendance from the day we started our first worship:
23rd April 2017 = 79 members
30th April 2017 = 106 members
7th May 2017  = 190 members
14th May 2017  = 317 members
21st. May 2017  = 570 members
28th.May 2017 = 402 members
4th. June 2017 = 430 members

Sir, today we decided to open up new churches in various locations as the number is on the increase. We agreed to open two new churches in the camp to solve the problem of moving for a long distance. Active with me are; Sisto Mwaka, I, David Kitara (formerly with the Pogee church in Pajok), and James Okomol. ” the harvest is many but the workers are few”. We pray for the strength, wisdom ,and the joy of doing God’s will.

God bless you