Deacon John Stallworth

Mission Statement

To effectively minister and serve the spiritual needs of the shut-in members of the church.

Ministry Information

Our Shut-In’s ministry reaches out to shut-in members of the church through a couple of main ministries. Meals On Wheels (MOW) is one of our congregations largest weekly-operating ministries. Each Thursday meals are prepared by scheduled teams and are delivered to members. For more events in this ministry see below.

Specific Events/Works of This Ministry

MOW Weekly deliveries of meals to shut-in members of MJCC. You can sign up to be on a MOW team as a driver, cook, or coordinator.

Meals On Wheels Banquet Each year the MOW ministry hosts a banquet for all who participate or are interested in the work. Banquet is usually hosted in Aug/Sept of each year at MJCC.

Christmas Baskets Each year in early December the Shut-In’s ministry coordinates the assembly and delivery of special Christmas baskets to shut-in members.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Volunteer to adopt a shut-in
  • Prepare food for Meals on Wheels
  • Delivery Meals on Wheels
  • Volunteer to make gift baskets
  • Deliver gift baskets
  • Coordinate Meals on Wheels program
  • Lead a Meals on Wheels team
  • Coordinate meals for Meals on Wheels
  • Coordinate Shut-Ins program
  • Coordinate Christmas gift baskets