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Man's Best Friend

by John Thomas

Proverbs 18:24 "A man who has friends must himself be friendly"
Known to us as "Man's Best Friend," is the dirty ole dog. But who has time for a dirty ole dog? Sure, you love him and everything, but right now he's stinky and nasty! His paws are muddy. His hair is matted together. His tail is flopping all over the place. Mostly, he "reeks"! He smells just downright awful!
I would love to pet and love on him, but I might ruin my clothes and I don't have time to change.
To love on him would take time and effort! I would have-to take off my shoes (to go into the house). I would have to roll up my sleeves. I would have to wash my hands. I would have to rewash my hands. 'Then I would have to dry my hands. I would have to roll my sleeves back down and button them back up. Then I would sniff my hands to make sure they still didn't have the least little bit of "dog stench" left. Then, I would have to remember what I was doing before I wasted all that time just to pet the dog.
A dog is faithful even though we don't love it enough or feed and water it enough. A dog will come back to us after we've fussed and fumed at it every time we see him. A dog will accept us even after we've beat him unmercifully. A dog will love us even when we won't take the time to touch it because it might smell a little rough.
A dog will sit and wait and wait and wait on us until we get through with what we're doing' just to have the chance that we might, just maybe, stop to touch it or speak to it, just one little bit!
Point is: People are not dogs! If we treat them like dogs, we will fmd ourselves putting distance between us and the people that we 'touch' in life. Whether it's a perfect stranger or family, if we don't take time to touch people, we quite possibly may have just lost our potential BEST FRIEND!
Think about
Matthew 25:31-46.

November 29, 1998

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