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When what is Controversial Breaks our Heart

by David Shannon

Controversy-- A prolonged public dispute, debate or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion; 2. Contention, strife or argument (www.dictionary.com).
You can tell much about a person or a nation when you see what stirs their emotions and moves them to verbal battles. Have you noticed the latest controversy surrounding the Super Bowl? Wouldn't it be great if CBS had made a decision to demand that all commercials remove any hint of sexual immorality? Or what if they refused to advertise alcohol. No doubt a great controversy would swell among marketing departments who use sex to sell (similar to prostitution in principle) or breweries whose livelihoods are dependent upon the consumption of their drink. But there is no controversy here because all who are opposed to these things have surrendered any kind of dispute or debate. They appear year after year and unless it is a costume "malfunction" in a halftime show never a word of controversy stirs, until this year. This year controversy is swelling around one particular ad CBS has agreed to run. Groups have begun protesting and campaigning to shut down the commercial are in full swing. There are millions who are opposing the message promoting the decision to allow babies the right to be born as opposed to abortion. Isn't it sad that this causes controversy? Doesn't that break your heart for America? I hope you are open to feeling. I hope you haven't grown cold and numb to righteousness. I hope you haven't lost your moral compass. The fact this is a controversy isn't a surprise, but it is nevertheless descriptive of a large segment of America.
Tim Tebow's mother, Pam, was advised by doctors in 1987 to abort her fifth child. She is a woman whose moral convictions are formed from scripture. She refused to violate God's will on this subject. The fifth child was born and two decades later won the Heisman Trophy. Pam and Tim are promoting the decision to give babies the right to live.
Their opponents don't refer to their cause as "ProDeath," even though that is exactly what it does to the baby. Their whole movement in based on convenience to adults while literally sacrificing the life of the baby. Therefore, they describe it as "ProChoice." How ridiculous! Everything we do, right or wrong, is our choice. You could call any movement by this name. It is ProAbortion.
Never stop speaking up! King Lemuel's mother prepped him for the throne with the words, "Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die" (Prov 31:8). I am thankful the Tebows are speaking up for children in the womb whose cries are not heard. I am sad that there are so many in our country "who call evil good, and good evil" (Is 5:31). I'm sad that now CBS has decided to run this ad it will also give the United Church of Christ the right to run ads revealing their acceptance of homosexuality. Are we so mixed up that we don't feel we can make a moral stand without leveling the field with an immoral stand? These are not simply points to debate, but battle lines to defend. Lives are at stake. A few weeks ago my friends tried to adopt a baby, but the mother went back on her word and aborted it. To that baby, this isn't simply an issue--that was his life. Pray for America. Pray and speak up for unborn babies.
And yes, even from an Alabama fan, I'm cheering for Tebow this time.

January 31, 2010

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