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Seeds of Discord Produce Rotten Fruit

by David Shannon It�s about time to plant gardens again. Many of you reading this probably haven�t thought much about it because you pick your produce at Kroger. For those who garden, seeds will become an important item of consideration over the next few weeks. What kind, how many, and where to sow the seeds will be discussed and decided.. don't plant seed of fruit you don't want to eat! It sounds like common sense, doesn�t it? Too often it�s not. The Lord lists seven things which He hates. The last is sowing �seeds of discord among brethren� from Proverbs 6. Have you ever considered why God warns against sowing the �seed� of discord? I suppose most of us would quickly identify discord among brethren as a terrible thing, but at that point it is too late. God wants us to consider what kind of heart, body language, subtle remarks, secrets, whisperings or deeds which begin as small seeds, but once planted, matures into discord. The only way to avoid discord is to know the seeds which grow it! If your words whispered among a few were known by all, would it cause discord? If your words (seeds) provokes others to also add their words of discord, your seed is now sprouting. More continue to add their versions of discord until a full- blown fruit of anger, jealousy, hurt and attack of brethren has ripened. To us, the sower of the seed may seem detached from the situation, but not in the sight of God! Let�s all pray, �Lord help me never sow seeds in the garden of discord.� The fruit is rotten!
March 20, 2005

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