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Spiritual Obesity

by Bud Lambert Doctors tell us that the best way to avoid becoming physically obese is to establish a lifestyle that includes a proper balance between eating and exercise. If we eat more than we exercise, it is highly probable that we will become obese and physically unhealthy. Christians are to eat spiritual food ( 1 Peter 2:2; Hebrews 5:11-6:3), but we must also do spiritual exercises ( James 1:22-25; Romans 2:13). If we eat more than we exercise (put into practice what we know and understand God want us to do), we will become spiritually obese and spiritually unhealthy. One spiritual health problem resulting from spiritual obesity is pride or big headedness. Paul refers to it as being "puffed up" ( 1 Corinthians 8:1-2). The Pharisees had this problem. They were puffed up and thought they were better than everyone else because of the knowledge of God they possessed. But as Jesus points out, just knowing what God wants us to do does not make us healthy Christians ( Matthew 2:1-33; Matthew 7:21-27); James says it is he who knows to do good and does it whose life will be blessed ( James 1:25). A sick conscience is another spiritual health problem resulting from spiritual obesity. Conscience is a natural faculty within every human being that demands we what we know and understand to be right. When we habitually fall to practice what we know and understand to be right, our conscience becomes seared, hardened or insensitive. Paul says, that such insensitivity leads to a progressively worsening lascivious lifestyle ( Ephesians 4:1-19). That's why in the same context he prescribes specific spiritual exercises to prevent such a thing from happening ( Ephesians 4:25-5:21). Spiritual growth is generated by nourishment and exercise nourishment by feeding on the word of God and exercise by doing, or practicing, to the best of our ability what the Spirit, through the Word, directs us to do. However, they must be balance. If we eat more than we exercise we will become obese and spiritually unhealthy.
December 8, 1996

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