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Let's Consider Abraham, A Friend Of God

by David Shannon

What a great honor to be called the friend of God! Abraham was the only man specifically described in this way in all of the Bible (II Chronicles 20:7, Isaiah 41:8 , James 2:23). What

Did Abraham do for God to identify him as His Friend?

Abraham Moved

God has never had a problem asking man to move. Often the problem is with man. Most hate change. Abraham moved from Ur to Canaan upon God's request. There were hardships and difficulty along the way. His father died, a famine struck, and his herdsmen fought, but finally Abraham arrived into Canaan as God said (Genesis 11:27� 13:8). Today God has no problem asking us to move. He ask all of us to move from sin and into righteousness. To be friends with the world is hatred toward God (James 4:4). Paul urged us to not conform to the world, but be transformed into Christ (Romans 12:2). We must move "into Christ" (Galatians 3:27).

Abraham was Committed

In the present age of short stays and fast paces, commitment seems to be dwindling. God promised Abraham a son and expected Abraham to believe Him even though he would have to wait 25 years before the promise would be fulfilled. Waiting on the Lord is the difference in fainting or soaring like an eagle (Isaiah 40:31). Abraham and Sarah went through some times of fainting and misunderstanding. For example, Abraham thought he would adopt his servant Eliezer (Genesis 15) to fulfill God's promise. Sarah thought he would come through her maid Hagar (Genesis 16). Sarah in disbelief laughed at the prophecy of Isaac's birth in her old age (Genesis 18). Through their many mistakes they still had a commitment to serve God! This continually lead them back to God after their mistakes. God blessed them with Isaac. No one is perfect, but without strong commitment to God there is no hope!

Abraham Obeyed

God tested Abraham by commanding him to offer that long awaited son, Isaac, as a burnt sacrifice (Genesis 22). They traveled three days. He built an alter and laid his son upon this altar. He raised the knife to take his life, but the angel of the Lord stopped him � proclaiming him as an obedient servant! Today, what God ask is not always easy, but He does expect us to obey! The test of obedience is not when my wishes happen to be the same as God's will in my life. The real test is when my desire is opposite to God's commands. Do I obey then or do as I want?

Let's Be Friends of God

Let us all move from darkness to Light by making a commitment to obey God in everything! Let's be Friends with God! We will never have a better friend than God!

June 25, 2000

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