Senior High Spritual Training

Elder: Randy Duke

Mission Statement:

To guide high school youth toward spiritual maturity, and to support the current youth ministry by preparing teens for young adulthood and service roles.

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Teen Mentor: Engage in relationship-based personal and spiritual encouragement. Write cards and letters. Influence by example and show interest in teens as individuals. Be available for prayer and Bible study
  • Teen Attendance and Involvement Follow-up: Contact for encouragement those teens who are not participating in Bible class or youth group activities. Capture, maintain, and organize records to determine individual level of involvement and collective measure of participation.
  • FOUNDATIONS: Planning, assistance, and program development.
  • Adult Advisory Committee: Annual term of service, applicants anticipated to be parents of teens or those who participate in youth activities, committee membership subject to Elders approval.
  • Youth Events: Planning and assistance, ownership level of involvement.
  • Christian Secondary Education: Gather, organize, and make available current information regarding choice of college or university. Identify secular colleges with campus ministries.