Saying Goodbye

Sunday, May 28, 2017, marked the end of an era for MJcoC. We listened intently as David delivered his last two sermons to us as our full-time pulpit minister. He spoke from the heart in that way we have heard many times before and have come to know and love so much. David challenged us to be accountable and to give our “salvation a work out”.

David & Tracie leave us with a list of ten things to consider:

1. Respect the elders and pray for them. Love them.

2. Love the Ministers and Staff and support them. They will be understaffed during this transition. It isn’t anyone’s fault, it is simply a transition.

3. Deacons, as in anytime, now is the time to be self-starters and give your all to fulfill your ministry. Your ministry will not grow beyond your leadership.

4. Every member – You are needed in the body if it is to function as it should (l Cor 12).

5. Know that We love you and deeply appreciate the love you have so generously given to us. You have loved us and our children as your own and words can’t express how grateful we are.

6. Love the next preacher. Love him – take him in – let him see what it is like to be in a healthy church family. Make his wife and children know they made a good choice in coming to MJ.

7 DON’T compare – Strengths and weakness are real, we all have them. Comparisons easily become unfair comparing one person’s strength to another’s weakness. It usually sounds more like complaining – not children of God (Phil 2:14-15).

8. Support Wayne and Debbie. They didn’t come here to be an interim preacher and wife, although I think God brought them here for this. They didn’t ask for this, but they humbly said yes when asked.

9. Stay in the Word of God; “Love it, Learn it and Live it.” There is no profitable search for God without knowledge from His Word. Zeal for God w/o knowledge is still deadly ignorance (Romans 10:1-3). Read His Word to pursue God (Ps 119:10-11)!

10. Thank God. If the past years together have been a blessing, let’s pause and thank God. He has blessed us more than we deserve. He won’t stop blessing us on June 1. He will still open the windows to pour out blessings upon His good and generous people at Mt. Juliet. We will forever be honored and grateful to be a part of your family.

Thank you,

David and Tracie Shannon

Philippians 1:3-7a
As we say our final goodbyes to David & Tracie, no words really seem enough, so we take the words from one of the best communicators we will ever have the privilege of knowing. . . We Love You, We Thank You, Hold Fast.