Rose Myra Pryor (1941-2010)

Shakespeare once wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.”

The same could be said about Mrs. Rose Pryor. Mrs. Rose was a sweet lady and a wonderful friend. She left us on September 23 to enjoy the reward of Heaven, but not without leaving behind an immeasurable store of memories to cherish. During the course of her life, Mrs. Rose successfully carried many names – wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, servant, friend, counselor, worker, humorist, enforcer, protector, school mom, sports fan, nurse, and many others. But, above all of these names, Mrs. Rose carried and lived the name of Christian.

Side by side with Mike, Rose loved her immediate and extended family. With Rose at the helm, the Pryor home was always “open for business”. As far back as I can remember the Pryor home was a place where family and friends were welcome to stop by day or night for a snack, a game or just a good dose of laughter. It was not uncommon for the Pryor home to become the “home-away-from home” for many college students attending local universities.

Mrs. Rose loved to adopt children into her care. I recall many years ago, while working as a teacher’s aide at Andrew Jackson School, Mrs. Rose “adopted” our daughter Morgan. On one particular school day, Morgan had the misfortune of getting her card pulled for a minor infraction. Hearing that Morgan was traumatized by the incident, Mrs. Rose wasted no time coming to her rescue, claiming it had to be a “bogus charge”. Mrs. Rose protected those that she considered her own.

Mrs. Rose’s love for and desire to teach children was further exemplified as she tutored children with learning difficulties. Countless Inner City children and others came to know the love of Rose through the tutoring program she initiated. Without a doubt, the influence that Mrs. Rose had on these children went well beyond academic education. Mrs. Rose always reinforced Christianity in everything that she pursued. She was a true Christian servant.

On behalf of me and my family, I am so thankful that God blessed us with the life of Mrs. Rose and the Pryor family. Even though we rejoice in the assurance of Heaven, we will truly miss the sweetest Rose of all.

Rose passed away in Summit Medical Center on September 23. We continue to offer Mike and his family our prayers and sympathy. By faith we rejoice in her reward and yet continue to grieve our loss. Thanks to Greg Coles for remembering Rose in this writing.