Report from Panama

by Bill Staggs

The work continues to grow in Central America. The first week in the San Blas Islands saw a church established on Sugar Island with 14 baptisms. There will not be a building there yet but a preacher will be there every Sunday to mature these Christians. On the other islands there were many baptisms and restorations.

The second week saw the church grow and be edified in Sambu. This is an improtant village. There is a building and a full time evangelist.

The work is growing and becoming more self-sufficient. It was good to hear that the church in LaPalna was appointing elders.

As much as it seems we do in Central America for these people we always receive more in return. One of our team members was restored. Others who were not Christians were taught the truth. One physician who was not a member said, “This is the most dedicated group of Christians [he] had ever seen.” He said he would start attending the church of Jackson. He wanted to know more about what makes us so dedicated.

Some of us stayed an extra 3 days in Panama. our church service on Sunday evening was short. We had fresh grape juice prepared by the hotel chef for our communion. Hope next year is as fruitful. Thanks team and supporters.