Report from South Sudan

As you read these reports, I would encourage you to remember Romans 8:28.
“All things work together for good for those who love the Lord…”

I believe we are seeing this happen in South Sudan in this way: (1) Violence has broken out in the region between two military forces. (2) Nearly a million South Sudanese have fled their homes to UN refugee camps. (3) Our South Sudan Bible School staff and graduates they have trained are hard at work in 15 camps preaching the gospel, baptizing people and establishing churches.

It is my conviction that because of this upheaval in their lives, we will accomplish great numbers of conversions because the people are now receptive to the gospel and they have nothing else to do but attend Bible classes.

I also see this accomplishing several things. (1) More people will be converted than if everything was peaceful and they were still in their home villages. (2) When people eventually return to their home communities, they will establish churches there. (3) They will send their newly converted male leaders to our preacher training school so they can be trained to teach and preach in their home villages. The result of all of this: more people will be converted, more churches will be established and more men will be trained to preach.
Don Humphrey

Two Recent Reports on Refugee Camp Work
from Isaya Jackson
Report 1
Brethren, God is at work. He is actively working through His body to accomplish a lot more than we can imagine. Here in the refugee camps in Uganda we are blessed to see this play out in the lives of so many refugees.

I am now back in Kiryandongo Refugee camp, after a four day teaching and preaching trip. During my trip I had the opportunity to teach the brethren the following topics:

1. The Faithful Few (based on Matt. 7:13)
2. Man’s Love for God (based on 1 Jn. 5:1-12)
3. God’s Love for Man (based on 1 Jn. 4:7, Isa. 45:18)

What a surprising thing that I found out about the district is that there are close to 15 South Sudanese refugee camps within the districts which are not yet reached with the gospel. Please, pray fervently that these camps will be reached with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Right now the district is experiencing drought. It has not rained for months. The other need that kept coming up was Bibles in Madi, Bari, and Acholi languages. We were not able to visit other camps because of work fund limitations. Otherwise the visit was very fruitful. Hopefully I will visit the camp again in a months time. God bless.

Report 2
Like I mentioned, in my report on Mirei Refugee Camp, there are several South Sudanese refugee camps around the district that have not been reached with the gospel that we feel obliged to try to reach. Right now we have five congregations of the Lord’s church in four camps, namely 1-Kiryandongo (2 congregations), 2-Yumbe (1 congregation), 3-Kyangwali (1 congregation) 4-Mirei (1 congregation). We also have four congregations of the Lord’s church among the nationals (Ugandans), namely, Palabek, Padibe, Lokung and Ngomoromo. We plan to invite them too.

The idea of coming together in November is to 1) Brainstorm how we can reach these camps with the word of God. 2) Identify who among us can volunteer to go to a specific camp of his choice in terms of language and culture. 3) Discuss how we can possibly target three camps or more a year. 4) Make plans and try to work out details with everyone. Hopefully some of the plans may work. Yes, we will need your financial support as usual which will cover mainly food and transportation. The speakers will be John Jock, possibly Elias or Andrew and I. We may need like $1000 (one thousand dollars). Accommodations will be taken care of by church members.