Relief Team Shares Love of God with Chile

by Erin Crip

You never know when God will put an opportunity before you. In just three and a half weeks, nine members from our congre-gation committed to and prepared for a trip to Lota, Chile. We didn’t know where the funds would come from, but of course God provided through our wonderful church family.

We were welcomed with open arms by the people of Lota. We found a town in the dead of winter that was in need of shelter, medical care, and peace from the recent devastation brought on by a massive earthquake. Our journey started a day late due to travel problems, but we hit the ground running. When we entered the compound, there were already people lined up and waiting. As we were setting up the clinic, Elias wasted no time. He began preaching to the people in line.

We were able to see approximately 1,000 patients in just 4 days. We saw many wounds still festering from the earthquake 3 months ago. Many people suf-fered with anxiety and insomnia from fear that another earthquake would come in the night again. This fear opened up the door to teach the peace of Je-sus Christ. Almost every patient seen requested a Bible study when we of-fered it to them. It is wonderful to say that you can offer them temporary re-lief from their physi-cal needs but ever-lasting relief for their soul through the blood of Jesus Christ. The response to this was over-whelming. We had people lined up for bible studies and not enough people to study with them! In total, there were 16 baptisms. For the first time in history, the church of Christ is meeting in Lota, Chile. To God be the glory!

Our containers full of clothing and building material did not arrive until Tuesday night. The men stayed up late in the night unloading the materials. We were able to start a few homes in those two short days. What material we had left was given to the people. Thousands of clothing items were handed out and left for the use of the town. I can proudly say that the people of Lota, Chile witnessed the love of Jesus Christ through our efforts. Several were baptized but thousands of seeds were planted.

Our team returned home tired but filled with joy from such a successful trip. Thank you for all of your prayers for success and safety.