Refecting on 2006

by David Shannon

David Shannon

The Messenger’s Pen is ready to rest for a few weeks. We hope each of you have a terrific holiday. We pray you will be safe, peace-filled and faithful. God has prospered us richly and far more than we deserve this year. On one hand we have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and on the other hand we have glimpsed through hospital nursery glass to see newborn family. We have watched the waters part as spiritual birth was accessed and also encouraged as aisles were walked to seek forgiveness and prayers. Peace and unity continue to be felt and promoted. Mission work and evangelism are strongly emphasized. Fellowship and patience were enjoyed. Jesus Christ our Savior and His reflecting love is the motive of all we do. We aren’t perfect, but we are forgiven, blessed and hopeful! To God be “the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

Numbers, by no means, are the total measure of God�s blessings, but they do give valuable insight. To God be the glory as we consider them in 2006:

Baptisms: 30

Restorations 35 (more seeking prayers)

Births 17

Deaths 4

Mission Trips by MJ: Baptisms 17 Restorations 6

Sunday Bible Class 665

A.M. Worship 871

P.M. Worship 487

Wednesday 553

Contribution $21,650.05

And an endless measure of the Joy of the Lord!