Praying, Then Waiting!

Psalm 5

I read about a Christian lady, in her deep trouble had prayed to God for help. Her requests were answered. She then wondered aloud, “Why am I always so surprised when the Lord answers my prayers!”

David made it a daily practice to lay his requests before the Lord. In fact, our text indicates, every morning he approached God with his prayer list. David seemed to possess full, total, and complete confidence the Lord would answer his prayers.

Do we, like David, pray regularly—or only in emergencies? Do we, like David, expect God to hear us when we pray? We are encouraged to know that God is waiting to hear from us and is willing to answer our requests: “Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24).

I have read, the best way to learn to pray is to watch and listen to the prayer of someone who knows God. David reminds us to pray:

EARNESTLY—vs. 1-3. The implication of these verses is that David would not allow the day to begin without talking to God. The intensity of his praying is seen in, “Give ear, consider, and give attention.” David was fervent and earnest in prayer.

IN FAITH—v. 3b. After David prayed, he would ‘eagerly watch.’ Prayer is not simply speaking words but is an opportunity to engage and have conversation with Almighty God.

WITH INTEGRITY—vs. 4-10. True prayer is a righteous person approaching a righteous God-v. 7. David affirmed that he would come into God’s presence very conscious of God’s lovingkindness, steadfast love toward him. This word indicates a determined loyalty, not a vacillating emotion by God. As a result of his trust in God, David pleaded and purposed to walk (live) in His way.

WITH JOY—vs. 11, 12. Every individual benefitting from the protective hand of God should recognize what grace and goodness they have received and rejoice because of it. David was certain of one truth: God will bless the righteous person. The bountiful favors of God surround the righteous as a protective shield encircles the soldier.

Someone has said: “Righteous people praying to the God of righteousness is the key to the day and a lock for the night!”
Wayne Miller