Phyllis Grissom Pippin (1926-2010)

In the winter of 1926 a baby girl was prematurely born. She was so small the family carried her around on a pillow. They named her Phyllis. She was the middle of five children. Phyllis grew up in Sparta, except for a short stint in Nashville.

Throughout her childhood she knew a boy named Lee Pippin. They were married October 16, 1949 and enjoyed their daughter Pam, who was born a few years later. They lived in Sparta except for a few years when the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, upon the recommendation of Lee’s mother’s doctor. This family loved the Lord. In 1958, the young family became charter members of the West Sparta church of Christ, where Charlie Myers was the preacher. Phyllis loved this congregation of the Lord’s church.

In 1974, her husband Lee, passed away at the age of 48. He had battled epilepsy and finally lung cancer. Because of his epilepsy he was never able to drive. Phyllis was going to teach herself to drive on one occasion, but scared herself so badly that she decided to never drive again. Her inability to drive probably added to her delight when she did have the opportunity to go visit family or friends or go out to eat.

During her years in Sparta she worked at a shirt factory until it closed and then she enjoyed sitting with elderly people. In the early ’90s Phyllis moved to Mt Juliet to be close to her daughter Pam. Pam and Steve have been a wonderful example to all of how a family should serve each other. She had a “mother-in-law” apartment on the back of their home which was a wonderful blessing to Phyllis for most of two decades. This also

gave the granddaughters, Andrea and Kelli the opportunity to have a close relationship with their sweet grandmother.

During her years at Mt Juliet, Mrs. Pippin became a dear part of the family. She was loved by all and all received her love. When she had greater strength she loved attending the Ladies Class, Reaching the Top outings and all the Widow Luncheons. She loved being with people.

She always complemented the Lord’s church. She knew her Lord and committed her life to Him and His church.

In recent years, there have been additional ministries from the church that have brightened her life every week. She looked so forward to Thursdays. This was the day that a Christian would bring lunch from “Meals on Wheels.” She enjoyed the short visit so much, as well as the meal. In recent months she appreciated the men who came by every Sunday for a short period of worship, including serving the Lord’s Supper. It is hard to put into words the inspiration it was for her to have this time of devotion. The impact was so great that her pall-bearers were to be these six men who worshiped with her each week; Langley Siekiersky, Nick Nance, Jamie Gillespie, Tom Simons, Mike Welch, and Brandon Adcock. Appropriately, the preacher who spoke of this faithful Christian’s passing into her reward was Charlie Myers, at the age of 92.

Phyllis Pippin loved God and God loved her. Try to imagine the reunion she is enjoying now with those who have gone before.

She is still with her Lord and with people she loves. We will miss her sweet presence. Our prayers are with her wonderful family during this time of loss.