Paul Dewey Hunter (1918-1998)

by Steve Hale

When I first preached at the Mt. Juliet congregation, the elders took us to eat Sunday dinner at Gondola’s in Lebanon. Following a delightful meal and morning, brother Hunter shook my hand. He laughed and said: “Watch out! That’s a powerful handshake.” In his hand was a generous check to cover our expenses.

Brother Hunter was adept at reading people. He could tell if someone was being shifty, or if the whole truth wasn’t forthcoming. And, he was a lot of fun, with a dry wit that was very engaging, particularly when you really got to know him.

Before his health failed him, he was at every church function and elders’ meeting possible. He was always ready to go visiting or make an evangelistic visit. He and I made a number of these together through the years.

A number of years ago, brother Hunter and I took the late Marion Gotto to Sunset to get a Catfish Dinner. Brother Gotto and brother Paul loved Sunset’s catfish. The night we went, we had to wait in line maybe 30 minutes before getting a table.

Though brother Gotto was blind, he was so nIlled in to his surroundings, especially the smell of catfish frying. Brother Gotto said something like: “Doesn’t that smell good.” Brother Hunter said: “Better there (in the kitchen frying) than in your car after a few days.”

At an annual holiday party for my Bible Class, we played a mystery game called “the Killer.” “The Killer” would look at others discreetly, and they would say: “I’m dead.” The goal was to figure out the identity of “The Killer” before he looked at you. Brother Hunter was “The Killer” at this particular party. His victims saw an emphatic expression from his striking blue eyes, which had everyone laughing!

The last four years have been long and hard, but no man ever had a more loyal wife than sister Geneva. Most of those four years, brother Hunter was blessed by his good wife to be at home, which was a wonderful gift. Today (Monday, Sept. 21), at about 12:15 P.M., brother Paul Hunter went to be with the Lord. His good wife and family surrounded his bedside, as well as many of his friends. What a sweet way to leave this life for the next one ( 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). To the entire Hunter family, we express our heartfelt sympathy, and appreciation for sharing brother Paul Hunter with us for these many