Pam Hunter (1965-2004)

by David Shannon

Pam Hunter’s godliness, courage, and beauty began in her heart and flowed throughout her entire being. Some live this life and touch only a few while living to an old age, yet Pam lived fewer years and touched thousands. Pam’s premature death in her thirties reminds us of our Lord’s death. He, too, died in his thirties. Fortunately, not only does her death remind us of our Lord, but also her life!

Pam lived faithfully even in her Garden of Gethsemane ( Mark 14:32). Jesus was “troubled and deeply distressed” as he faced his death on Calvary. He went to the garden to seek comfort and strength. During this night he stated, “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful.” Jesus and Pam both turned to God during their Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus prayed during this time, “Father, all things are possible for You. Take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will.” During correspondence with Pam, from the time she learned of her cancer just over two years ago until the time of her death, she too dealt with anger, questions, and confusion, but one must admire how she continually turned to God for peace, answers, and clarity. For any aspects which were not as clear as she hoped, she turned to God in faith!

Pam faithfully bore her cross ( Mark 15:21-22). Jesus had a cross laid on His back which He was to bear from the city to outside the gates. Simon passing by, was compelled to carry Jesus’ cross. Did Simon stay to learn of the resurrected Lord? He is called the father of Rufus, which may be the same faithful Christian who is mentioned in Romans 16:13. What is the point? It could be that while watching Jesus bear His cross Simon changed his life and the life of his family! He may have left Jerusalem committed to Christ! How many people have been changed by the faithful way in which Pam bore her burden of cancer? How many have said, “I have started praying faithfully because of her?” Or “What an inspiration to see her walk into class or worship every service.” One said about her being in class on Wednesday before the Sunday she passed away, “When I saw her come into Bible class I decided I was going to attend more faithfully!” How many individuals and families will think more about their family commitments?

Pam Faithfully Finished! Jesus lived His life fulfilling God’s will for Him and cried from the cross “It is finished” ( John 19:30). Pam wanted desperately to see her children grow up. She loved her whole family and longed to spend more time with them. But the things which were in her control, she finished! She was a baptized believer strongly committed to her God! She had faithfully committed her life to her family. Her children will cling to the memory of a mother who loved them as much as any woman every loved her children and proved it by pointing them toward the Father. She was a faithful wife, loving daughter, and fun-loving sibling. Her life left an example for others to follow. She finished faithful to her God and this matters more than anything!

She Lives On Because He is Faithful! Jesus arose from the grave proving life over death. Her physical body infected by disease will be replaced with a body not of flesh and blood, but with a glory which will shine for eternity!

Pam Lives On in Our Memories! Z-50 minibikes, EZ bake ovens, a horse with a red bow, connoisseur of Disney World, a dedicated dietician, a beautiful smile, fun loving laughter, determination, straightforwardness, and faithful to God are a few characteristics which flood our minds. She wanted a tight family, being a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, and friend.

Many will remember how she died, but what we ought to remember is how she lived. You don’t judge a book by its length, but by its content. Death was just the last page of a beautiful, exciting book of Pam’s life here on earth. By faith I believe Pam was escorted by angels into eternity beginning volume two which will far exceed volume one!

Pam Hunter passed away on December 21, 2003. We offer our prayers for her husband Scott and children Haley and Austin. Also for her parents Tom and Sandra Williams and for her brothers Burt and Patrick and their spouses. She was a faithful member of the Mount Juliet Church of Christ and inspired all of us to stand strong in times of trials.