Pam Hinson, a lovely sister and loyal saint

by David Shannon

Pam Hinson was a delightful blessing. Her life touched many in a wonderful way. George and Pam Hinson were married for almost 50 years. August Ruff, during the funeral service, remembered her as one who reached out in love to her family, friends, and church. She loved the truth and served in love as she taught classes and helped with banquets to honor widows and widowers, elders, etc. She loved to travel. And by faith we believe she has traveled to the Land of Promise � home. August highly praised Pam as a wife and mother and then introduced her daughter Georgene to read this beautiful description she had written about her mother.

These are just a few of the many important things my mother taught me:

Share. Always share whatever you have with whomever you can. It will make them happy and it will bless you.

Laugh. Laugh every chance you get. Laugh until your eyes water and your sides ache. Laugh with your friends, laugh with your family, and always, always laugh at yourself.

Smile. A smile can brighten a day. It can ease pain. A smile can make a new friend and encourage an old one. Just smile, you�ll look prettier honey.

Cry. It�s ok to cry and sometimes it is exactly the right thing to do. Never let your friends cry alone.

Stand up straight. Its very unattractive to slouch.

Always look your very best when you go out into the world. There is just no good reason not to.

Always shop the sale racks.

Marry well. It�s really the only way to be outrageously happy your whole life.

Be a good wife and mother. That is the highest calling.

Sometimes hugs are better than any words.

Never miss a chance to encourage someone, a few words spoken softly or an eloquent and sincere note can give someone the courage they need.

Be a good friend. A well lived life is best identified by a tapestry of many friends woven with love.

Have faith. God will never let you down.

Thank you Mom.

–Georgene Hinson Pugh

Our deepest sympathy is extended to George, Georgene, and to the rest of the family. Our prayers are with you.