Deacons Stephen Moles and Don Collins

Mission Statement

To encourage fellowship and the strengthening of bonds with one another while making personal contacts with those who are sick, hurting, or visiting the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ.

Ministry Information

Our Outreach ministry usually consists of 8-11 teams of MJCC members. Each outreach team meets on an assigned Sunday of each month (1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday, etc…). Each team shares a meal and covers writing cards, placing phone calls, and making visits to those who are sick, hurting, or in need of encouragement. Most teams meet Sunday nights after P.M. worship – some teams meet for lunch on Sunday’s just after A.M. worship. Outreach teams usually change over every 6 months during the reorganization lunches, although you can stay on the same team for longer than 6 months if you choose.

Specific Works of This Ministry

  • Outreach Team Meetings These team meetings are great, monthly opportunities to get to know other MJCC members. These meetings are also great ways to minister to individuals who are sick or going through tough times. If you like to encourage others by writing cards or making visits, the outreach ministry is a great fit for you!
  • 6 Month Reorganization Lunch These lunches are hosted at MJCC (usually in the upper fellowship hall) just after 2nd A.M. service. These lunches are great opportunities to enjoy a fellowship meal, and recommit to the outreach ministry for another 6 months.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Outreach Team Member – Participate/host team meetings once per month, contact the team leader when there is a need for any member within the congregation that may not be known to ensure those needs are being met as needed;
  • Care Card Coordinator – Gather the care cards and mail them (stamps/postage provided) on a weekly basis, check and re-stock card rack as needed each week;
  • Card Designer – This person(s) help provide a more personal message by assists in designing and creating personal cards for the Outreach team members to use during this ministry. This includes overseeing volunteers (Young Ladies Serving Christ for example) and helping provide the materials and ideas needed to create personal cards for this ministry.
  • Outreach Team Coordinator – Oversee weekly organization of contact cards for visitors, sick members and members’ family to be distributed at Sunday team meetings
  • Outreach Team Leader – Distribute contact cards to members of teams, oversee the monthly fellowship meetings of their respective team, watch for any announcements that are related to any team members and follow-up with team members to ensure needs are being met or contact the church office to redirect a need to another ministry;

  • Information Coordinator – This person(s) works with the team leaders and ministry deacons to gather the contact cards/slips that have been returned by the team members each week and record the information in a centralized location. Additionally, this role will review and verify that the team member information (name & phone numbers) listed on the team lists is accurate at the beginning of; and maintained throughout the scheduled 6-month group period.
  • Outreach Fellowship Coordinator – This person(s) works with the team leaders and each team member to help coordinate the monthly fellowship meeting/meals for each group and to ensure that the team listings on the Outreach bulletin board are updated with current meeting information.