Our Trip to El Salvador

by John Thomas

We arrived with great anticipation. There were many unanswered questions in our minds about what opportunities we would find. The second day the scout team was there, we felt an earthquake and saw the fear in the people’s eyes as they ran out of their homes and into the streets. They have lived in constant fear since the first big shake. It is an unsettling feeling to be there for II days, but at least we got to come home! They have no choice but to stay.

We suffered through heat, dust, and a major sandstorm which: seemed it would never end. We pulled teeth, scrubbed heads for lice, wrapped wounds, gave shots, dug footers with pick hoes and:

tamping bars. We cut trees with machetes. We unloaded thousands! of concrete blocks, bags of Portland cement, and lots of other building supplies.

We bought a lot for the church building, cleaned it up, graded it, and started the construction. The local members are finishing the work on the building as we speak. They are finishing the walls and putting on a roof. We left enough block and supplies to build 14 houses and then paid for supplies for five more. I think we bought, the block makers out of materials. We cooked hundreds of pounds of food, handed out thousands of pounds of food, handed outl

clothes and even distributed our cardboard boxes in which we had

been throwing our trash. These are resourceful people who have lost everything they had.

Above all these other things, we shared the gospel with these good people and they were receptive to it! We had 13 baptisms! What a joyous occasion!

This was one of the best groups ever assembled to do a, mission trip! Everyone was agreeable. No one complained. We really pulled together. God blessed us more than them!