Ollie Glenn Hudson 1910-2003

by David Shannon

A carpenter, fisherman, gentleman, Christian man, sweet man, family man, and praying man are just a few descriptions of our oldest member who has left a powerful impression upon this church family. Ollie Hudson loved His Lord, family, church and carpentry. Those four subjects were frequent conversation pieces in his life.

Ollie’s health had begun to falter in recent years. He often spoke of Heaven. He said in July of last year, “There is nothing on earth that I love more than my Lord. I want to live with Him for eternity.” He faithfully served his Lord.

He loved his family. His children dearly loved and respected their father. They constantly cared for his every need. Bobby, Jolene, Sherry, and Christy describe their father as a wonderful role model. He loved to show pictures of his surviving sisters. His step-sons have great respect for the only grandfather their children knew. He loved his late wife, Lil. A young family man, John Hill, tells of helping Ollie in his yard one afternoon. “As we were talking, the conversation shifted towards his late wife Lil. Brother Ollie began by telling me how they met and where all they had been. He then told me of her last days and the moments leading up to her passing. He was sitting by her bed and he leaned over and said �Lil, I love you’, to which she replied �I love you too’, then she died. Ollie then told me �I sure do miss her’. The tears were flowing down my face because I had just been told the greatest love story I had ever heard.” John tells of later sharing this same story at a college devo to find Ollie’s love created tear-filled eyes of all 125 students.

He loved the church. Of course if one truly loves the Lord they in turn will love the church. Ollie’s love was genuine. The time in the foyer was a time for firm hugs, broad smiles and sweet words of encouragement to so many! He loved seeing his spiritual family and we loved seeing him.

He loved carpentry work. Ollie had paid the price to become a skilled craftsman. He had worked from the west coast to the north and south. He began as an apprentice and eventually became a superintendent of large commercial sites. His voice was confident as he spoke of carpentry and his memories were pleasant. It is by faith I believe this great builder is enjoying time with another carpenter from Nazareth.