Nicaragua Medical Mission Trip 2016

nicaragua 1Buddy, Sissy, Whitney and I were blessed to participate on the Medical Mission trip to Nicaragua, June 4th-11th. We specifically went to help the Evangelical Campaign at the Nicaragua Christian School in León, Nicaragua with the Campbell St. church of Christ in Jackson, TN.joshgravelle

We flew to the capital city, Managua (our luggage didn’t make the flight, but we did get upgraded to first class on the 1st leg of the trip) and then bused two hours to a hotel in León.

In four days, we were able to provide medical care to over 1,800 patients in the clinic. The clinic ran from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and it wasn’t uncommon for people to wait several hours in line, waiting to be treated. As we arrived every morning, there was a long line of people already waiting to be treated. We gave out nearly every tablet of medicine we had, every medical device (including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, toothbrushes and toothpaste—THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DONATIONS!!!), and pulled nearly 300 teeth.

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We attended the nightly gospel meeting at the school auditorium (which functions as the church building). During the campaign, four people were baptized for the remission of their sins and multiple Bible studies are ongoing.

Two nights before we left, having just finished dinner, the room started to shake. After the shaking continued a few seconds, we knew it was not caused by the trucks rumbling on the highway. We were experiencing a 6.4 earthquake from twenty miles away. Our group was a little shaken up as well as the locals because schools and some businesses were closed the following day.

I have had the privilege to go to the Nicaragua Christian School six times (2007-2011, 2016). The Campbell St. church bought the property, and has gone through the painstaking and expensive process of developing the school with the Nicaraguan Department of Education. They have approval to add one new school grade every year through graduation. The school now runs through eighth grade and there are plans to add high school classes. The classes hold between 35 and 45 students. There are currently 506 students.

In addition to building more classroom buildings, they now have an INCREDIBLE auditorium in which they can all meet for school functions, but more importantly, a church can meet on the school premises. This has been a massive undertaking and was completed 2 years ago.

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It is the goal for each and every student attending the Nicaragua Christian School to have a sponsor. This sponsoring provides the children’s tuition, a warm meal (possibly the only meal some have), school uniforms, books and now even a computer lab with a LCD projector. A few months ago, representatives from the Campbell St. church spoke during adult Bible classes trying to raise support for these children. $40 per month will ensure a child receives the finest Christian education Nicaragua has to offer. Currently individuals and classes at the Mount Juliet church are sponsoring 29 students.


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If you would like to sponsor a child personally or as a Bible class, please visit: for more information.

Follow the links here or I would be more than happy to connect you with the oversight at the Campbell St. church of Christ who will send you information and a photo of a child needing support.

The four of us would love to thank you all for your prayers, support and toothbrush/ toothpaste donations you offered on our behalf to make our trip a wonderful success. To God be the glory in Mt. Juliet and Nicaragua!

Josh Gravelle