The Ukraine: The congregation at Mount Juliet has been involved in Ukraine mission work since the early 1990’s. The congregation we currently support is in Krasnoarmeysk, a town located just outside of Donetsk. It is a “sister-city” to Mount Juliet, and we take trips to lead campaigns with that congregation regularly. Sasha Rodnaev is working with the congregation as its full-time minister, and his wife Julia does a great job teaching Bible classes for the local children. We have also led Vacation Bible School programs at area orphanages, as well as the neighboring congregations of Proletarski and Budyonovsky. Let’s continue to keep these Christians in our prayers!

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Sudan Project

Since 2008 the Mt. Juliet church has supported Mission efforts in South Sudan. These mission efforts include a preacher training school and medical clinic. For more information about this mission effort, please visit the mission effort’s webpage.

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Latin American Missions

  – Each Spring the Mt. Juliet church sends a mission team to Central America on a medical mission trip.  Past activities have included helping build a church building;
organizing a VBS; and providing medical aid to those in need.

See Buddy Pickler for more information
about this mission effort.

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Nick and Amy Folwer have planted a church in Belém, Brazil. Nick was Associate Minister at Owl Hollow Church of Christ for 5 years. Amy taught 2nd and 3rd grades at Broadview Elementary school for 5 years before the birth of their son, Jonah. We are excited and prayerful about this mission effort.



Alexander and Eleni Melirrytos have been ministering in Greece since 1990. In addition to the Greek speaking assembly, they have a multi-ethnic, international, English, Russian, and Bulgarian speaking congregation.

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Stateside Missions – Each summer the Mt. Juliet church organizes a Bible campaign at a church in the region. During these campaigns, thousands or doors are knocked, several Bible studies are set up.  See Mike Kibbe for more information.

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