The Ukraine

The congregation at Mount Juliet has been involved in Ukraine mission work since the early 1990’s. The congregation we currently support is in Krasnoarmeysk, a town located just outside of Donetsk. It is a “sister-city” to Mount Juliet, and we take trips to lead campaigns with that congregation regularly. Sasha Rodnaev is working with the congregation as its full-time minister, and his wife Julia does a great job teaching Bible classes for the local children. We have also led Vacation Bible School programs at area orphanages, as well as the neighboring congregations of Proletarski and Budyonovsky. Let’s continue to keep these Christians in our prayers!

Read about the work in the Ukraine.

Sudan Project

Since 2008 the Mt. Juliet church has supported Mission efforts in South Sudan. These mission efforts include a preacher training school and medical clinic. For more information about this mission effort, please visit the mission effort’s webpage.

Read more about past mission efforts:

Latin American Missions

 – Each Spring the Mt. Juliet church sends a mission team to Central America on a medical mission trip. Past activities have included helping build a church building; organizing a VBS; and providing medical aid to those in need.

We first became involved in El Salvador mission work after an earthquake in 2001. We helped construct a building for the San Augustin congregation, which was meeting in a rented building that was destroyed by the earthquake.

The churches and ministers we have helped support, both financially and with medical and evangelistic campaigns, are:

  • Victor Bonilla in Alta Vista and Perulapan (along with Center Chapel),
  • Jeremias Zelaya in Santa Elena,
  • Daniel Zelaya in San Augustin,
  • Oscar Zelaya of San Francisco Javier,
  • Carlos Mario Hernandez of La Cruz, and
  • Enrique Rodriquez of Tonacatepeque (along with Franklin, Ky.)
  • Saul Flamenco of Apopa (along with a congregation in Indiana)

When we began our El Salvador work, the only congregation that was meeting was San Augustin. We established San Francisco Javier, Alta Vista, La Cruz, Santa Elena, Tonacatepeque, Perulapan, and Apopa last March.

Like most countries in Central America, El Salvador is struggling with their economy and their political environment. All of our congregations have members who struggle just to meet their daily needs.

Phil Waggoner reentered the mission field on a full-time basis in 2017. He is working in Honduras, El Salvador and Panama.

See Buddy Pickler for more information about this mission effort.

Read more about past mission efforts:



In 2010, Mount Juliet became the overseeing congregation of a new mission point in Belém, Brazil.

This work is now in its 8th year has seen growth and the full fruits of labor directly supported by many of you.

We have been blessed to have the family of Junior Crispim, working with this congregation since the Fowlers return to the states early in 2017. Junior a native Brazilian is a sound Christian evangelist with a proven history of mission work in Brazil. He will continue the work of leading studies and edifying the church in Belem to grow disciples of Christ.

If it is God’s will, our dream is for the congregation of new Christians in Belém to become established and to be recognized as a Light for Brazil.


Our Greek evangelization and edification are centered in the Omonia congregation in Athens, Greece, and in the church in Crete. The church in Mt. Juliet began supporting this work in 2007.

Alexander Melirrytos works with his wife, Eleni, in a multicultural congregation that offers worship services in four languages. They host monthly fellowship meals and an annual retreat and also visit Crete every few weeks to encourage the small congregation there.

The Omonia congregation is very urban and mobile. Baptisms occur every year, but also many people move.

Refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries are provided with food, water, and warm clothing by the church. The members also study with the refugees and help them find housing and other resources.

Teams from several churches in Tennessee will be going to Athens this spring, summer and fall. Alex and Eleni invite you to come to teach English using the Bible with Let’s Start Talking and to be a part of the annual church-wide retreat in June. If you are interested in going to Athens for mission efforts, please see David Burka.

The goal for this work is that it will continue to grow and that each Christian there will mature in the faith. They enjoy showing Greek hospitality to all who visit!

More information about the Melirrytos

Read the Latest Greek Newsletter


Stateside Missions

– Each summer the Mt. Juliet church organizes a Bible campaign at a church in the region. During these campaigns, thousands or doors are knocked, several Bible studies are set up.  See Scot Owens for more information.

Scot Owens reports that this year will be our 20th stateside campaign, and we will be heading to Mankato, Minnesota from July 13th to July 19th. There we will be conducting a campaign with the Mankato Church of Christ. This congregation is where our own Alan Cantrell serves as the minister. The congregation has a membership of around 40, and they are very excited about the upcoming mission’s campaign!

Scot Owens will be leading this campaign again this year. Our goal is to knock on 10,000 doors or more as this is a more densely populated area than past mission campaigns. Our hopes are to send several people from Mount Juliet on the campaign in order to reach this goal. We have also been notified that Calvert City, the stateside mission point from last year, is going to send some of its members on this campaign to help out and to learn how to do a stateside mission trip themselves.

Our hopes are to reach many of those that are lost in the area while each member from Mt. Juliet that participates in the campaign grows closer to God and each other.

Read about these campaigns:

Church Plant @109

What a blessing it is to be a part of a congregation that has 2 full services on Sunday morning and so full on Sunday night there is a need of a simulcast.

This of course has also created the need for our elders to explore expansion of our congregation. Once an in-depth look into expanding the current facility was decided against, the next opportunity to grow was to investigate a possibility of a Church plant.

Since conception this opportunity has taken off like a wildfire. We quickly were able to locate a 20 acre property that seems to be in just the right location; a very busy intersection at highway 70 and highway 109.

Now that we have purchased this property, we are currently working with architects, civil engineers, and multiple construction companies in designs of a new facility and site.

Also we have multiple committees that are working on other aspects to this work. They include Construction, Future church Leadership and Membership, Financial Responsibilities, And Communication.

As we have already done, we will continue to reach out to you and your family for ideas and support of this new and exciting work.

We hope that the Lord will continue to bless this opportunity to grow the Kingdom here in Wilson Co. Please be diligent in your prayers for all the opportunity and glory to God that this Church Plant can bring.


Heritage Christian University

Each mission effort supported by Mt. Juliet has one very important thing in common: Souls!

The Lord’s people invest in missions so that more souls can spend eternity in heaven. At Heritage Christian University, it is still all about souls!

For almost 50 years, HCU’s single purpose has been to prepare those who will devote their lives to preparing others for eternity. Graduates of HCU are passionate about evangelism and about growing strong, healthy churches that help the saved stay saved. With alumni serving across the US and in 33 countries around the world, the impact of the work Mt. Juliet and HCU are doing together really is global.

Do you know of any young people who are languishing under heavy college debt? Unfortunately, many of us do. And too many times, young preachers are no exception. HCU believes that new ministers are best positioned for success when they can graduate from college debt-free.

HCU’s solution to this problem is the Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship, for full-time, campus students covers ALL tuition remaining after a Pell Grant has been applied. The belief is that when a student only has to cover living expenses, it is possible to prepare for a career in ministry without incurring any educational debt.

Who do you know that could benefit from the Legacy Scholarship?

HCU is grateful for Mt. Juliet’s commitment to preparing effective preachers, Bible teachers, and missionaries through support of this powerful scholarship program! The university is also deeply grateful for all of you who support the HCU mission in so many ways.

HCU is pleased to share that Kirk Brothers will taking the position of President in June at the conclusion of his commitments with Freed Hardeman University


World English Institute and World Bible School

You can share the Good News with students around the world from the comfort of your own home or office through the internet or by correspondence. With more teachers, we could reach more souls. You can do this!

World English Institute, also called WEI, uses the Bible to teach English.

You do NOT need to be an expert in English. As a native English speaker, you know what sounds right. The material teaches itself and grading is automated. You can process a student’s lesson in less than 10 minutes.

We are starting over 1,700 Bible studies per month with students from EVERY nation of the world. You can choose students from a country that you have a heart for reaching.

Mount Juliet has 17 active WEI teachers. If you want to sow the good seed from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone, please contact Daniel Nordstrom.

World Bible School also called WBS, offers both postal mail and Internet Bible lessons.

In 2017, Mount Juliet WBS teachers spread the Gospel to 1,850 new students in 64 countries and 16 American states. Some of our most receptive students come to us through our Jail Ministry. Some jails only allow baptisms at certain times during the year, and we often have students on a waiting list to be baptized. At Wilson County Jail, for example, 24 of our WBS students were baptized on one Sunday alone! We have students in many jails in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia, and saw a 43% increase in jail students in 2017.

You, too, can be a WBS teacher. You can do WBS lessons from your home on your own time schedule. Training is easy and WBS streamlines your mission work, freeing you to encourage your students’ growing faith.

Will you please join us in this ministry? See Brandon Adcock, Jerry Reynolds, or Waldean Richardson at any time.


Tanzania is a country in East Africa. Mount Juliet supports Justin and Anna Maynard and is planning short-term mission trips in June and November this year.

The Andrew Connally School of Preaching has graduated 185 men. Besides classroom studies, the students go out two-by-two, conducting personal bible studies with different congregations. Each Sunday, they serve by teaching, preaching, and working with more mature evangelists.

We just partnered with the Maynards, who in addition to spreading the Gospel, teach the students sustainable farming, and how to raise farm-animals so that the students can be self-supporting with an income as they plant churches in east-Africa. Justin raised the corn yield this year enough to supply the school for 3 years. They are also reaping a harvest of souls for the LORD.

Mount Juliet conducted a short-term mission trip, called Safari for Souls, last November, resulting in 55 precious souls obeying the Gospel. Please keep these new Christians in your prayers. Seeing the power of the Good News first hand with those who were receptive to God’s Word was amazing! Many were hearing the Truth for the first time in their lives. We are planning mission trips this June and November. The June mission trip dates are June 6th through the 18th. Please contact Daniel Nordstrom or David Burka. This is a great opportunity and the door is open. “Go visit if you truly want to experience First Century Christianity Alive and Well in the Twenty-First Century.”

Eastern European Mission

“The Bible. We Want Everyone to Get It!” For 56 years, this has been EEM’s mission.

It’s simple, yet powerful, because “the Gospel”—God’s Word—is still, according to Romans Chapter 1 verse 16, “the power of God for the salvation of all men…”.

Also these words are much more than a tagline. They describe the heart of EEM as it was established in the very beginning and continues as its foundation and guiding force today.

With each passing year, God continues to open more doors of opportunity for the sharing of His word:

There was tremendous growth in distribution of Bibles over 2016 for EEM.

Consider these numbers:

Nearly 1,200,000 Bibles and Bible related books were distributed
That is a growth of more than 50% over 2016
29 nations were served
2017 Goals were met or exceeded:

Bibles were provided for public schools in Croatia, Romania, and two entire regions of Ukraine
Bibles were provided for every public library in Ukraine. (2,200 libraries)
130,000 were Bibles were distributed in Bulgaria
50,000 New Testaments were distributed in Slovenia
100,000 Farsi and Arabic Bibles were distributed in Greece for Middle Eastern Refugees
The fund raising goal of $2,300,000 for Bibles was more than met. Mt Juliet participated in Million Dollar Sunday for the second time and contributed a total $9,443.00, a 6% increase over 2016

The annual Nashville EEM dinner will be held in the fall this year at “The Factory” in Franklin on Tuesday Sep 11 2018 at 7:00PM.


Since June 2015, Mt. Juliet has supported Daniel and Tammy Frerot as they work with the Strasbourg church of Christ in France.

The church was planted in 2000 and has 30 members.

Strasbourg is the largest city of eastern France and differs from the rest of France in that it is heavily populated with independent-thinking, Bible-believing Protestants. About 800,000 lost souls live in this city and its suburb.

Daniel is the son of a missionary and elder from Verviers, Belgium, where Freed-Hardeman has a study-abroad program based in the church building and where Harding French class students come to encourage and help the church every year.

Daniel and Tammy have two adopted Christian daughters, Candice and Marilena.

Recently, Sunset International Bible Institute proposed a partnership to Daniel, as well as to Christophe who expressed a desire to become full-time evangelist, centered on the evangelization of the French-speaking world. Daniel will be travelling to the United States for 2-3 months a year to record translated materiel and hopefully recruit new workers while Christophe will continue studying there.

Daniel and Tammy continue their work with the Strasbourg congregation to help it become more firmly established. Their goal is to have a self-supported, self-governed church (with elders, deacons, ministers and teachers…).

Cusco, Peru

Beginning September 2014, Mt. Juliet has supported Ryan and Sarah Davis as they work in the Andes Mountains of South America with the Iglesia de Cristo Ayllu, or Ayllu Church of Christ, located in Cusco Peru.

This is a steadily growing, passionate congregation of the Lord’s church, first established in 2010 and now averaging more than 120 in attendance. The members of the Ayllu Church strive to share the light of Christ through personal evangelism. Group and 1:1 Bible studies meet weekly throughout the city in members’ homes.

The Ayllu Church believes in drawing the community to Christ through service.
The Cusco work achieved a milestone in 2016 when they sent off church members

Elvis Chacon, his wife Yolanda, and Percy Avalos to a Latin American Bible institute to study for four years with the goal of returning to the church in Cusco as full-time ministers. Having now completed two years of course work, these three returned to Ayllu in December and have begun as the congregation’s 1st Peruvian ministry staff members. They will continue their university studies online while serving daily as part of the mission team.

The Cusco church will again host a Mount Juliet medical missions team this March. Scott Humphrey will be leading the group. You can see Scott or Doug Perry if you are interested in participating on a future trip.

2018 is a transitional year for the team as three team families return to the USA while two new families take their place alongside Ryan and Sarah to continue the work. Ryan and Sarah thus become senior members of the team this year. Their initial 5 year commitment ends in late 2019.

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