Missionaries to Brazil 2010

by Nick Fowler

As we prepare to leave behind our jobs, lives, and families, there is no better group for us to partner with than the Mount Juliet church of Christ. This congregation is full of love, encouragement, and service for the Kingdom of God and for our family.

We are truly blessed to have an eldership with the foresight and wisdom to ensure the best training and preparation for this mission team. Mount Juliet’s missions committee is patient, supportive, interested, and willing to learn. The members of Mount Juliet continue to edify, pray, and sacrifice in order to accomplish God’s mission. This kind of environment provides us with a sense of security and peace, enabling us to remain committed to planting churches in a major city of Brazil where no church of Christ exists.

Throughout the past year James Whiteaker, as chairman of the missions committee, has led the Brazil mission through many obstacles. After undergoing major setbacks in 2008, he and DeWayne Griffin joined us on the first of five trips to Texas in order to grow our understanding of missions and recruit team members for the Brazil work. Of course, Buddy and Sissy

Pickler have also made two of these trips with us helping with Jonah and representing the missions committee. Doug and Sharon Perry have worked tirelessly to help bring things together and equip us with everything we need. David Burka and Bob Schmitt have brought their past experiences with missions to the aid of the Brazil work. Dennis Nosal and Tony Huddleston nurture and guide the group in decision making. Don Humphrey and Scot Owens are launching a major work in Sudan and provide a good sounding board for the beginning of this work as well. Marc Rinks has given us sound advice and continues to be behind the mission. J.P.’s contribution continues to remind us to think in terms of God’s Kingdom and to see things through the eyes of Jesus. The Faith Builders Bible Class has supported the mission prayerfully, financially, emotionally, and literally hundreds of members have contributed to the Sponsor-a-Day campaign resulting in a fully-funded start-up fund. You are faithful partners in this mission, and thanks to your love and sacrifice, the light of Jesus will soon be shining in one of the dark corners of this planet. You are making a difference.