S.O.S. (Serving Our Savior)

“What ministries go on here at church?”

“Where do I begin to serve at such a large church?”

“Am I needed?”

“I wonder who is in charge of that ministry?”

We ask these questions often when we attend a large congregation. In fact, large congregations can give the impression they have all the help they need, that there is no more room for another servant or family, or it is impossible to familiarize oneself with all the new ministries and people. But those thoughts are just that; impressions. Our ministries are organized and led by elders, deacons, and staff members with a three-fold purpose:

(1) We create ministries to bring glory, honor, and thanks to God for His love.

(2) We create ministries to organize people and resources to get the job done.

(3) We create ministries so anyone who seeks to share in the Lord’s great work in Mt. Juliet can join!

You are wanted here, you are needed here, and you can make a difference right here at the Mt. Juliet church.


The Mt. Juliet church is actively supporting mission efforts on four continents. Church members participate in mission trips to El Salvador, Ukraine, and here in the U.S.A. each year. Click here to read about our mission efforts.

Bible Class

bible class

The Mt. Juliet church offers Bible classes from cradle to mature adults. Our goal is to grow deeper in faith, as well as knowledge, and one of the best ways to accomplish that purpose is through focused study times. That is why our Sunday morning and Wednesday Night Bible Classes are so important. In Our Adult Bible Classes, you’ll find a group of individuals diligently searching God’s Word for answers, sharing questions and comments, and building friendships. If we grow closer to God, then we will all grow closer together!

Youth Ministry

We realize that teaching youth to follow Christ at an early age is fundamental for a faithful life. The Mt. Juliet church offers special programs for 4th Grade through High School. Click here to read more about this ministry.

Everything Else


It would be difficult to list all the programs and events going on at the Mt. Juliet Church. Click here to view other activities.