Marriage and Family


Deacon Kim Yap

Mission Statement

Provide opportunities to grow, support, encourage, interact with and serve each other so we glorify God and reflect His love through our strong family relationships, especially our marriages (John 13:35).

Specific Events/Works of This Ministry

  • Family Day An annual Sunday at MJCC emphasizing God’s plan for the family followed by an evening of outside worship, food, and fellowship.
  • Marriage Seminars/Retreats Please see church calendar and bulletin(s) for more information.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Accumulate and review appropriate, high quality media for family growth
  • Teach/assist in scripture-based classes on marriage and family topics
  • Participate as a marriage mentor couple
  • Serve on a work group to organize a marriage/family event
    • Seminar
    • Retreat
    • Family Day
      • Coordinate advertising and promotion
      • Assist with advertising and promotion
      • Coordinate traffic and parking
      • Assist with traffic and parking
  • Provide childcare for those participating in seminars or similar events
  • Provide food/decoration for events
  • Host Bible study/devotional
  • Help plan family service projects
  • Lead your family in participating in church Work Days through the year
  • Lead your family in attending Newcomer Mixers throughout the year