Mae Howell (1912-1996)

by Steve Hale

Mae Howell was the matriarch for one of our largest families. Her quiet, strong manner was the glue for her very large family. Sister Mae, in addition to her own children, had 20 grandchildren, 30 great- grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchidren!

Her toughness was clearly manifest the last night of her life, when her heart stopped nine times. The doctors said they’d never seen anything like it. Well, they’d probably never met anyone as tough as sister Howell.

Her life saw the great depression, World Wars I & 11, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. She saw the change from the horse and buggy to cars, jets, and space travel.

But, clearly, the anchor of her life was the gospel ( Hebrews 6:19-20). While so many changes are occurring socially, culturally, politically, and even in the brotherhood, her commitment has always remained steadfast.

Her large and committed family was with her constantly toward the last. While she blessed them with meals, bandaging skinned knees, and motherly guidance, they blessed her by the’I

Xr ove. How sweet to be launched into eternity knowing you are so loved!

But now, the pain is past ( Revelation 21:4). and a never-ending morning has begun!