Lura Vick (1917-2008)

Mrs. Lura Vick was a tall, beautiful woman with a somewhat reserved personality. She was fun loving and energetic. She had learned the necessity of hard work from her childhood. Although she enjoyed swinging on grapevines and playing basketball, she also worked alongside her six brothers and two sisters to help provide for the family. This wasn’t uncommon for families raising children during the great depression.

Lura was born in Woodbury, Tennessee to Jessie and Philana Dobbs. As a young woman she married George Vick. Later they moved to Indiana to find work. While there, Lura begin to make baby doll dresses to sell. She saved her money to purchase a sewing machine to do alterations. She altered dresses and pegged blue jean legs for a $1 a pair. Once they moved back to Tennessee she worked as an alteration seamstress at a high-end store in downtown Nashville. Mrs. Lura eventually worked and retired from Genesco in her late sixties. They continued to call her back to help them. Finally at 70 she said, “I am really retiring this time.” But she didn’t slow down much. She continued to push-mow her yard until she was 75 and worked in flower beds well into her 80’s. She also enjoyed the softer side of creativity such as crocheting and quilting. Any time she was sitting, she had a needle and thread in hand creating a beautiful work. Her skill level was such that she did not need a pattern to crochet anything. She was diverse in interest. She loved Braves baseball, as well as watching ice skating.

While visiting with her a few years ago the conversation became very serious. She experienced a most difficult tragedy in the death of her 12-year-old son. She spoke of being married to a husband with substance abuse and more. She said her life had been very hard, but believed God had given her strength. As we sat in a comfortable apartment on the end of her daughter’s home (Randell and Gloria Farrell), she felt most blessed. She spoke of this last segment of her life by saying, “These have been the best years of my life.” Gloria and Randell treated her like a queen. They took her with them on every vacation. They served her daily. Her sons, Tim and Danny and their families, continued in her life in supportive and loving ways. With just the two of us sitting there, she declared that Randell was the best son-in- law a woman could have. In this same conversation she also spoke of her deep love for the congregation of the Lord’s people here in MJ. She described the smaller building with classrooms down each side when she first came and how thankful she was that the congregation is strong and growing. Mrs. Lura read her Bible every morning. She had a note at the beginning of the book of Ephesians, “My favorite book.” She had another at the conclusion, “Tells us everything we should know on how to live a Christian Life and how to get to Heaven.” Her life was a living epistle of her favorite book! By faith we look forward to a great reunion one day!

“And you He made alive…because of His great love” (Ephesians 2:1-4).