Lucile Jones (1905-1995)

by Steve Hale

Lucile Fox Jones would have had her 90th birthday on December 12. She was the oldest Christian in the congregation, and one of the most precious.

My fondest memory of sister Jones was on a visit Cindy, the children, and I made a few years ago. As we sat down to visit, sister Jones said she “smelled” something. I got up and checked the kitchen, and found the beans burning on the stove. I turned off the stove, scrubbed out the pan, and cleaned the sink and stove area. Then, we sat down and had a delightful visit.

The next day, sister Jones called and said something like: “When you come to visit me ‘ you don’t have to clean-up my kitchen.” Her gratefulness for something as small as this was typical of her. She was one of the most genuine Christians I’ve ever known.

One of the most remarkable features about her was, when you went to encourage her, she would wind- up encouraging you! She was a marvelous edifier, and you would always feel better after visiting with her.

Sister Jones loved the Mt. Juliet church with all of her heart. She kept up with our growth, and was always enthusiastic about new families coming our way. She felt frustrated about her physical lin-dtations in the shadow of her years, and wanted to do more for people. I don’t think she ever realized how much her faith meant to those in the congregation. We all loved her so.

To Alice, Bob, and the rest of the fanffly, we extend our heartfelt sympathies. But, we rejoice for sister Jones! She’s gone to a far better place! Today, Paradise is sweeter and this Old World is poorer.