Leanne Hackney Vickers

by David Shannon

“A girl with a �SPECIAL’ Heart” was the title of the full page spread in a promotional ad informing the public of a need to support heart disease research. The article began “Leanne Hackney is a very lucky girl. She has a home, a family, lots of friends and a mended heart!” This was written when Leanne was 13-years-old to show the public a young girl who had undergone two heart operations and was able to function with daily activity.

Yes, Leanne Vickers had a special heart. She had a special heart for Don. Don and Leanne shared a decade of marital bliss. Her faithfulness in sickness and in health was proven as she stayed every day with Don at Vanderbilt Medical Center during a 7 month stay. He also transported her to doctors visits and hospital stays with the same commitment. Leanne was open in her remarks of appreciation for Don’s care. Leanne had a special heart for Ryan. She intended for Ryan in his youth and as a young adult to model appropriate behavior. She has brought up this young man in the Lord. His pleasant, outgoing personality is no doubt genetic and conditioned by a mother with similar traits. Pick a name, either Ryan or Leanne and say the sentence “Everybody loves _____.” She had a special heart for Lindsay. In Graham’s words “Leanne and Lindsay were thick as thieves!” These sisters talked on the phone 5 times a day. They loved going out after services for a meal together, running around together and especially teaching Bible classes together! Other than their husbands, they were best friends. Leanne had a heart for all her family. As a daughter she loved, obeyed, and honored her parents. As Mrs. Nancy aged, Leanne brought her into her home to care for her until death. As a granddaughter, she was proud of her preaching grandfather, R.V. Cawthon. As an aunt or cousin, she loved her family and they loved her dearly! Leanne had a special heart for God! Her whole heart was devoted to God. Leanne didn’t allow health problems to turn her against God. She didn’t allow past mistakes to keep her off track. Leanne submitted her life fully to God and desperately wanted others to do the same. In her Bible is a note to herself entitled “Spiritual Goals for 2004” Under this she wrote, “Study with at least two people.” Once I asked her if she would study with a young, single mother whose husband had recently died. Leanne couldn’t answer the question yes. She answered it more like you had asked her to go on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. “Yes, yes, I would love to study with her. Just give me her name and number I will be glad to do it anytime and anywhere….” I also remember one time when her mother, Nancy, was asked to teach a Bible correspondence course which had been requested and her answer was very similar. Leanne loved teaching “her girls” in the Tuesday A.M. Ladies Class. She loved the church dearly. Not that it is the most important asset, but Leanne definitely had a humorous heart! She enjoyed living. She loved to see others enjoying life. She has offered her share and more of humorous, original one liners, jokes and pranks which have filled the room with laughter. Thank God she lived and enjoyed it so much! In doing so she helped us!

Leanne Vickers entered Vanderbilt Medical Center early Sunday morning, May 23. Her conditioned became grave on Wednesday evening and her passing from this earth took place Friday afternoon.