Lawrence Dalton Gammon (1945 – 2010)

Lawrence Gammon was born on a cold, snowy day in Lafayette, TN. He was J.B. and Eva’s first born. Later he would be a thoughtful and considerate big brother to Tresa

(Prater) and Larry. When Lawrence was five his family moved closer to Nashville to find work at DuPont. From a young man, Lawrence’s work ethic was strong. As a 12-year old he delivered newspapers in all kinds of weather. As a 21-year old his conscience simply would not allow him to serve in Vietnam. The draft board reaffirmed his position and allowed him to serve his country by working two years at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Little

did he know, this would began a 40 year career.

He trained in respiratory therapy and even picked up a second job working at Sumner

Hospital. He wanted to save money to finish college. While working at Vanderbilt

he met a high school senior, Marilyn Vaden, who was working an internship in the business department. After a few dates he knew she was the woman he would marry. The next summer they married on June 17, thirty-nine years ago. Lawrence wrote in a college paper about this day,

―This was one of the happiest days of my life, and truly I do not expect to be any happier.‖ After living a few years in married housing as students at Lipscomb University they moved to Mt Juliet. To raise the down payment for a new home he sold his corvette. Now he had room for three more girls in his life. Lawrence’s love for Laura, Rachel,

and Alli was demonstrated all throughout their lives in small and grand ways. From the rides to elementary school and being serenaded by the lyrics of Mr Rogers’ ―beautiful

day in the neighborhood‖, to looking forward to each Christmas eve with special gifts and traditions–they knew they were loved. Home was important to Lawrence. He and his father, along with other family members, built their house on Earhart Road in 1980. This past Christmas Lawrence insisted his parents spend the night there since they had never slept in the house his father helped to build.

This same Christmas he gave each of the daughters and the sons-in-law, Steve Ward and Mike Ball, a note expressing his love, appreciation and fun memories. He had five trees around the house and together they walked to each tree and read their notes aloud. The final tree had notes for Marilyn. Lawrence said ―some things just need to be said.

Lawrence grew up in a Christian home and lead another. He has served as a teacher

and deacon in the Lord’s Kingdom. The Gammons have been a blessing to the MJ

congregation since 1999. In his college paper which was referred to earlier, he

wrote about his studies in college preparing him for his career. Then he wrote, ―It

is so much more important to reach spiritual levels that will enable you to meet

God prepared. I like the verse that says, Seek first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. This man of faith and family loved to run. He began running 35 years ago, completing his first race in a down pour in Kansas City. He was in training to run the Berlin (Germany) Marathon completing his goal to run in the ―Big Five marathons (Boston, New York, Chicago, London and

Berlin). One of the last things he did on this earth was run. The greatest things he did was to finish (II Timothy 4:7)!

We were shocked to learn Thursday evening of Lawrence Gammon’s sudden passing. He had gone out for his daily run and was laying down a few minutes before going into

work at Summit Medical. He quietly stepped into eternity.

Let’s all pray for this good family.