by James Whiteaker

James Whiteaker

We’re back. It still amazes me how good that phrase sounds when your feet touch the ground at home. Imagine what heaven must be.

The week in El Salvador was hot, humid and full of overflowing love and good will. The children were beautiful, the people were gracious and the Lord’s name was exalted. Many men and women worked to see to the needs of the Salvadorans. Though more than the normal number of problems arose, mainly from lack of water, our leader Ronnie, along with Dennis, Kenny, Greg, and Mark and many more were up to the challenge and I was at peace the entire trip. I am sure everyone there was unconcerned about the problems and were able to concentrate on the tasks assigned. David will give the number of baptisms and all later. You will need to let each member of the team tell you of their experience; playing with a child, hugging a brother or sister just baptized, talking about God with a stranger in his house, washing a head, singing at night, teaching the ladies, teaching the local preachers, giving a drink to someone waiting hours in line to get into the clinic, watching a man with blood running down his arm, beg to get in, having bees swarm around your head, appreciating a flushing toilet, being locked in the toilet, struggling with exhaustion, and the joy of it all.

The brothers and sisters we left behind are now alone. The church is small. Poverty is still a part of their lives. The dirt and heat relentlessly presses down. There are still needs. Our visit was like Christmas for them, so much joy and happiness when you see the family together, but a feeling of loss when they are gone. When you give, know that much good is done in that small number of days in San Augustin. Know that the money continues to help the church in San Augustin. Know that the Lord was glorified because Mt. Juliet loves His name.

John 15:8 – Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit. So shall ye be My disciples.