Kathleen Tate (1910-1996)

by Steve Hale

Over eight years ago, John Engles and I went about visiting everyone in the congregation. One of the first stops brother John wanted me to make was at the home of Kathleen Tate.

The narrowing driveway off Tate Lane back to sister Tate’s home reminded me of the secluded farms off Rock Crusher Mountain back home. With a warm smile and sweet welcome, sister Tate graciously received us into her heart. As we left, she said: ‘Bring those children by to see me.”

Through the years, our visits to her home were the highlight of the day. She would never let us leave without taking something: Beth got homemade bread, Jason some candy, and Kimberly some little knickknack. ‘You doift need to give us anything, sister Tate,’ we would say. ‘I know I don’t, but I want to,” would be her reply. i

When sister Tate got to the point she could not attend services, she would always want to know how the church was doing. ‘How big are the crowds?’ ‘Are you doing okay?’ ‘Wonderful!’ ‘Why I can remember when there were only So people going to church there.”

I don’t know how many of our young married women have mentioned they would like to be like sister Kathleen Tate, but there have been quite a few. To be like her, and to live what you profess as she did, is indeed, a noble goal ( I Corinthians 11:1).

I’m going to miss the smell of fresh baked bread, that gracious, sweet southern accent, that loving hug, and warm smile. The church has lost a magnificent Christian lady, but we rejoice for her! Our love to Jimmy and Linda, and their family.